Annual Generator Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance of a generator is important to ensure that the equipment will properly operate and will last for a long time. It also eliminates the occurrence of any accidents or more costly repairs which may happen if service of the generator is not done properly. Only if maintenance service is done for generators will it function efficiently without any hindrance during the time of power failures. Defects, leakages, and other damages/faults should be examined and looked into in detail. The overall performance of the generator and its condition should also be looked into. For efficient generator maintenance you have to hire a professional generator maintenance company in UAE. They will have proper knowledge and expertise about the maintenance. ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC, is the top generator maintenance company in UAE having comprehensive knowledge and experience for maintenance and generators repairing Sharjah.

While searching for generators repairing Sharjah you have to consider whether they:
  • have experience and good reputation
  • have positive reviews
  • provide comprehensive service
  • offer the service at reasonable rate
  • are responsive
  • will meet your requirement on time
Importance of generator maintenance:
Eliminates the issue of fuel

Issues like blocked fuel injectors, dead batteries and algae build up can happen if fuel system is not checked and fuel is not replaced.

Reduces future cost and expenses

If maintenance is not done then the generator and its components will eventually incur long term expenses and cost. There is even a chance that you might end up having to change the whole unit.

Makes the generator long lasting

With proper maintenance the generator will work and last for long time.

Improved and increased efficiency

Without maintenance the generator will gradually stop operating efficiently. It will also ensure that generator will run smoothly during power cuts.

For safety and operating efficiency there are checklists for daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual as well as annual maintenance which have to be followed routinely. Here let us discuss about the annual generator maintenance and generators repairing Sharjah checklist.

Checklist – Annual Generator Maintenance
  • The electrical system of the generator has to be checked. Not only external wiring internal wiring of the system should also be checked.
  • Clean the dirt and dust and tighten the wires.
  • Check the overall appearance and condition of the generator.
  • Replace the oil.
  • Change the fuel filter.
  • Examine the fan tension.
  • Change the air filter.
  • Coolant level has to be inspected.
  • Level of battery electrolyte.
  • Check the working of the cooling thermostat.
  • Examine the alternator and the regulator.
  • Inspect the day tank pump and the level switches.
  • Examine the cooling system and engine block heater.
  • Find if there are any leaks or residues.
  • Examine and clean generator brush and brush holders.
  • Check the exciter.
  • Engine and generator set control have to be looked into.
  • Safety shutdown devices and errors like failed start, high temperature cut off, speed cut-off etc should be checked.
  • Tighten the mounting bolts clean wipe unit crankcase breather etc.
  • The generator has to be run and inspected for voltage and frequency.

10 Amazing Things to Consider When Picking Tower Light Supplier

Tower lights are used across different industries especially in manufacturing, construction and mining industries. Tower lights come in different varieties. Choosing the right one as per your requirement is important. ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC, the best tower light supplier in UAE has high quality tower lights. We are also the leading generator suppliers in Sharjah. Having been in the industry for a very long time we are constantly trying to serve quality products at affordable price. We routinely update our inventory and strive to meet the requirements of our customers.

10 amazing things to consider when picking tower light supplier

1. Supplier having assortment of products

Different industries use different tower lights. When looking for a tower light supplier in UAE you should see to it that the supplier will meet your requirement and have the most suitable product for you. The right product can support specific lighting needs and your goals.

2. Servicing and Customer Care

Good quality lighting towers are durable however it does not mean that it will function smoothly without any issue. Hence buy the products from a tower light supplier in UAE who provide warranty and proper service. They should have customer care who respond to you promptly and will answer all your queries and doubts.

3. Extensive Product Knowledge

A tower light supplier in UAE having sound knowledge about the lighting products and technology will be able to assist you in choosing the best tower light with the right features. They should be able to guide you on the product functioning and its mounting.

4. Quality Product

Quality of the tower lights is very important. Tower lights are mostly mounted outdoors. They have to withstand outside condition and should be made from sturdy and robust material. Hence buy it from a tower light supplier in UAE selling products of good brand.

5. Cost

Cost is another primary factor to consider while buying tower light. It is always ideal to buy product from a wholesale supplier who have been in the market for a long time. They will have quality products at low prices.

6. Supplier’s efficiency in delivering the order

Ensure that the supplier you have selected will deliver the order on time.

7. Trusted and reputed supplier

A trusted and reputed supplier will never make false claim. They will deliver what they promise. Therefore before finalising on a supplier look into the reviews and ratings. This will help you to choose the best tower light supplier in UAE and will save you from deceptive sales tactics.

8. Tower Light specifications

A supplier should have tower lights which have appropriate features which will serve the purpose of the products. Tower Lights should be able to be connected to automatic systems easily. The sound module, light coverage, brightness, orientation, power source required etc should be examined.

9. Inventory

A well-stocked supplier with proper inventory management will supply the product on time in good condition.

10. Experience

Look for experienced suppliers, they will have proven track record and you will get products of value and quality from them. They will work together with you with integrity.

Must-Knows When Choosing a Voltage Stabilizer For Your Home

In order to ensure the protection of a circuit it is important to have devices that will maintain the power distribution consistently. Switchgears are devices or apparatus which helps in isolating, protecting, and controlling the circuit system or the power system. Switchgear devices generally comprise of Switches, Fuses, Isolators, Relays, Circuit Breakers, Lightning, Arresters and so on. They also further include equipments which regulates electricity.

Voltage stabilizers and regulators safeguard the electrical devices such as computers, medical equipment, TVs, refrigerators, and more. Voltage regulators are any electrical apparatuses that keep the voltage in allowable limits. They keep the power of the devices stable. Voltage regulators ensure constant output voltage, even if there are variations in the load conditions and input voltage. Voltage Stabilizer provides consistent and constant voltage to a load during voltage variations. Sudden voltage fluctuations can cause damage to appliances and short circuits. A good quality voltage stabilizer keeps voltage intact and enables the proper working of appliances and equipments. ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC, the most sought after voltage stabilizer supplier UAE have standard quality stabilizers and regulators required for different purposes. Al Taqah also is one among the renowned generator suppliers in Sharjah.

It is essential to have voltage stabilizers and regulators in all kinds of buildings and houses. Electrical system is always at risk of power variations. Regulators and stabilizers not only safeguards the electronic devices from harm but also make them perform and operate better. With the assistance of stabilizers and regulators appliances can be used for a long period of time thereby saving your money. Another major advantage of having regulators and stabilizers is that it protects each one of us from harm by eliminating the chance of short circuits and also danger caused by faulty equipments.

While buying voltage stabilizers you have to consider certain things. Buying them randomly will not give the desired results. The following are some of the things to keep in check while buying voltage stabilizers.

  • Foremostly the power requirement of the electrical equipments should be considered. The power factor of the devices and the amount of power each device consumes should be examined in detail.
  • Level of fluctuations of voltage in the area or region should also be understood in detail. Stabilizers which meet the demands of the region should be chosen.
  •  They should be easy to mount at places where they are safe from getting wet or any other damage.
  • They should come with proper indicators.
  •  Time delay systems balance the flow of current by the inbuilt compressor especially during short power cuts. The stabilizers should have proper time delay system which enables time lapse.
  •  Digitized models are more dependable and accurate. They can also smoothly adapt to numerous appliances quickly.
  •  Stabilizers should have proper overload protection feature.
  •  It is important to go through the user manual and to know in detail the specifications of the stabilizers like current, power and voltage rating.
  •  The current surge when an appliance is switched on should also be checked.
  •  Choose stabilizer with proper working range or voltage range.

Get in touch with ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC, the best voltage stabilizer supplier UAE for the most ideal type of stabilizers and regulators.


Know More About Different Types of switchgear

Switchgears consists of circuit breakers, fuses and switches, isolators, relays, current and potential transformers, arresters, control panels and so on. They help in maintaining power distribution. They are used both in commercial electrical system as well as in domestic electrical system. Different kinds of devices which are operated on electricity are protected by switchgears during sudden power changes. They come into use when overloads and other faults occur unexpectedly. Damage to the whole electrical system is prevented by using switchgears. ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC is one of the topmost switch gear manufacturing companies in UAE. We provide standard grade switchgears which can be used for commercial and domestic purposes.

What is Switchgear?

Switchgears are equipment or apparatus used to isolate and protect electrical devices and system. One or more switchgears together are known as switchgear line-up or assembly. Switchgears are incorporated in electrical distribution system to regulate and control the electricity.

Varieties of Switchgear

Switchgears are mainly of three kinds based on voltage. They are low voltage (LV), medium voltage (MV), and high voltage (HV). Based on the type of installation done they are categorised into indoor and outdoor. Being one of the best electrical switch gear companies in UAE, ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC provides various types of switchgears.

Low Voltage Switchgear (LV)

They are switchgears which comprise of low voltage circuit breakers, earth leakage circuit breakers, offload electrical isolators and so on. They are used to protect low voltage circuit system. They have a capacity of 1KV and current of up to 6,000 amps.

Medium Voltage Switchgear (MV)

They are switchgears with capacity ranging from 3 KV to 36 KV. They can be of different kinds like outdoor type without metal enclosed, outdoor type with metal enclosed, metal enclosed indoor type and so on.

High Voltage (HV)

With capacity above 36KV they are used for systems with high voltage. The main component of this is high voltage circuit breaker. Different types of high voltage system include Gas Insulated Indoor Type (GIS) and Air Insulated Outdoor Type. Further outdoor type air insulated circuit breakers are classified as Dead Tank Type Circuit Breaker and Live Tank Type Circuit Breaker.

Attributes of Switchgear


Switchgears regulate and maintain uninterrupted power supply. They isolate faulty sections without interrupting the rest of the power distribution. Therefore they are reliable.


Issues like overload and other power interruptions are controlled by switchgear devices and hence they provide safety to people and other electrical devices.

Option for physical control

Switchgears can be controlled externally and physically in case of any emergency.


Switchgears differentiate between working and non-working parts and ensure even power distribution.

Quick reaction

Instantly the damaged components are separated from good components by switchgears thereby eliminating the cessation of the system.

Working of a Switchgear

Switchgear as previously stated consists of different devices. These devices regulate, control and protect the electric utility transmission system by evenly distributing the power to numerous areas. Not only numerous electrical equipments are protected by switchgears but also people are kept away from harm from the unexpected current flow. The relays in the switchgears isolate damaged parts of the electrical system thus making other parts function properly.

For your entire requirements regarding switchgears contact ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC, the finest amongst electrical switch gear companies in UAE.

What To Consider When Buying A Diesel Generator

Diesel Generators as the name suggests are operated on diesel engines. They are often installed in places where there are frequent issues of electricity and power cut. These generators are alternatives especially in commercial places where power cuts cannot be risked. Industries having cold storage units where sensitive items like frozen food are stored require diesel generators to prevent spoilage. In the market there are different models of generators available. Choosing the right generator as per the need is vital. ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC, one of the leading diesel generator companies in UAE has numerous varieties of diesel for different requirements.

Various factors of the generator have to be taken into account while buying a generator.

  • Phase

A single phase building needs a single phase generator and a three phased place needs a three phased generator.

  • Fuel

Be aware of how much fuel will be used by the generator and its efficiency against the load.

  • Noise

Generators often create high noise which can be nuisance to you as well as to anyone in the area. Therefore it is recommended to use generators that have noise absorption automation.

  • Power

Have an understanding about the power consumption and choose what is suitable for your building.

  • Physical attribute

Generators of large size cannot be kept in a house. They are suitable for commercial building hence choose generators according to the space available. Also it is advisable to select generators with wheels which make it easily portable.

  • Control System

Having proper control system helps you to have an understanding about the working of the generator. Warning displays regarding performance, fuel consumption display etc is highly beneficial. Generators which automatically operate during power issue fluctuations and power cut is more preferred over others which are not.

Known as the number one among the diesel generator companies in UAE, ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC offers guidance and in depth detail about all the above said features. Other than features, there are also a few other things which needs to be considered when you are buying a diesel generator. They are:

  • Type of building/space

Generators are mainly of two sizes; large ones with more power for commercial uses and small ones with less power for domestic uses. In commercial areas like industries, generators which give more power for extended time is used while for areas like house and offices generators with less energy producing capacity are used.

  • Function

Based on function modes there are two types of generators. Water cooled generators which use water for cooling and air cooled generators which utilize air for cooling. Maintenance of air cooled generators is easier compared to the other one.

  • Purpose

Know in detail what will be all equipments will operated using the generator. This will help in choosing the diesel generator with correct power output range. A 3kVa generator cannot be used in big industries similarly a 200 kVa is not required for a house.

If you are in facing dilemma on finding the apt diesel generator suppliers in UAE think no more contact ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC. We have highly efficient diesel generators to meet all your requirements.

What are the fundamentals of medium voltage switchgears?

Switch gears are centralized collection of circuit breakers, switches and fuses to protect isolate and control electrical equipment. These devices are mounted in metal structures. The collection of the circuit protection devices are called as switchgear line up/assembly. Switchgears are found in electric utility transmission and distribution systems and in medium to large-sized industrial and commercial facilities. As of the best electrical switch gear companies in UAE, Al Taqah- ATS Generators’ range of switchgear and safety equipment is supplied by advanced technology and is manufactured by the finest brains.

Working of Switchgears

The circuit protection devices such as circuit breakers, fuses or switches distribute power to various sections of a facility and the electrical loads. The devices protects individuals and facility equipment but limiting the system current flow to safe levels.

Types of Medium- voltage Switchgear

  • Metal-clad switchgear

The device is medium- voltage electrical switchgear in which all the electrical components along with the incoming-outgoing bus, main circuit breaker, and instrumentation are all enclosed n separate metal compartments to provide ruggedness, easy maintenance and safety. The voltage levels of metal-clad switchgears ranges from 5 kV- 38 kV. It can be used in industrial facilities, electrical power generation and power transmission facilities.

  • Gas-insulated switchgear

This type of switchgears has sealed enclosures, filled with insulating gas like SF6 or SF6 with a mixture of other gases. This enclosure facilitates a compact and low profile installation. The gas insulating medium helps to reduce the distance between interrupting components.

  • Metal-enclosed switchgear

This device contains circuit protection devices like circuit breakers, fusible switches, power fuses and control & metering equipment. Metal-enclosed switchgears can be mounted in common compartments unlike metal-clad switchgear. These type of switchgears is used in industrial and commercial facilities where the electrical service is above 480/600V.

  • Vault/subsurface switchgear

This type of switchgears is used for electrical distribution systems of voltage range 15 kV- 38 kV, with the condition of requiring the switch and the accessories should be operated from below-grade location. The locations can be dry or wet. The vault switchgear allows the user to operate the switch manually from above ground and uses vacuum interrupters to isolate faults and protect loads. SF6, sold materials and solid-dielectric-in –air technology is used for insulation.

  • Pad-mounted switchgear

It is designed for underground distribution systems with a voltage range of 5 kV- 38 kV. This type of switchgears has the features of low profile, outdoor rating and tamper resistant construction which make them ideal for feeder sectionalizing, utility distribution and circuit protection applications. The fuses, switches and vacuum interrupters in the switchgear protect isolate faults, loads and minimize outages. Here, insulation includes fluid, SF6, solid-dielectric-in-air technology and old materials.

Switchgear Insulating Media

Insulating media is used to protect energized devises like bus, bushings etc from sudden arc faults. Air is the common insulator nut gas and fluid insulators provide higher dielectric strength and allow the switchgears to be smaller.

Switchgear Interrupting Devices

Switchgear interrupting devices include over current protection devices such as fuse, circuit breaker, switches and interrupt the flow of electricity.

  • Air Switch- It is a switching device which use air as dielectric and provide a visible means of disconnection. They have lower interrupt ratings than vacuum switches and are more economical.
  • Oil Switch- It is a device which is submerged in an oil-filled enclosure. They can be seen in pad-mounted switchgear where the oil insulation allows the construction of a low- profile enclosure.
  • Vacuum Switch- It is an electrical switch where the electricity is interrupted inside the vacuum bottles. The vacuum permits the arc produced to extinguish quickly. This type of switches requires less space and can be applied at higher voltages.
  • Vacuum circuit breaker- Here, in this device, the arc interruption and quenching takes place inside sealed vacuum bottles. The device permits the arc to extinguish quickly and thus reduce the arc energy. They can interrupt higher voltage faults and requires less space.
  • Fuse- This device interrupts excess current flow. It is achieved by the melting of an electrical wire. Fuses are paired with a switch in medium voltage switchgear applications to provide over current protection and give the ability to open and close the circuit.
  • Vacuum fault interrupter- This device functions as a load- break switch and also as an over current protection device to eliminate the need for a separate switch and fuse.

Interrupt Ratings

Interrupt ratings refers to the magnitude of current that a vacuum circuit breaker can safely interrupt without damaging the switchgear. The interrupting ratings for medium- voltage vacuum circuit breakers range from 25 kAIC – 60 kAIC symmetrical.

Short-circuit ratings

The maximum amount of current that the switchgear can withstand without causing equipment damage is called as short circuit current ratings/ withstanding ratings. It measures the support and bracing of the bus bars that allows them to remain intact and no damage when high current is passing due to faults in downstream equipments. For faults, the upstream switchgear must have a excess short- circuit current rating. That means the downstream faults do not damage the upstream equipments which is in the fault current path. The typical short-circuit current ratings range from 25kA to 63 kA symmetrical for the 2-second rating and 40 kA- 101 kA asymmetrical for the 10-cycle rating.

Continuous current

The amount of current that the main bus and over current protection device within the switchgear can carry without damaging the equipment is called as the continuous current rating of switchgear. For medium- voltage switchgear, the continuous current ratings can range from 600A- 4000A.

Medium voltage switch gears have voltage range of 600V- 230 kV and are classified by the maximum voltage it can service. The electrical switchgear companies in UAE offer the best quality as per market standard. It is a comprehensive inventory of switches, circuit breakers, switch fuse units, HRC fuses, offload isolators, contractors etc.

Al Taqah-ATS Generators is one among the best electrical switch gear companies in UAE, offering a significant variety of switchgears and safety equipment for generators. We manufacture and supply devices with latest and eco-friendly design and follow the European standards for RoHS compliance. Al Taqah Switchgears are one of the finest devices that can save on power and resources as our programming has contributed to a lower power usage and eventually lower costs.

Steps for successful Synchronization using Deep Sea Controllers

Synchronization is the process in which two or more generators operate parallel to each other and sets a load sharing. The process happens when frequency, voltage, phase rotation and phase angle of every alternators becomes same. Current synchronization processes utilizes DG Synchronizing controller to monitor, control and protect without a manual work. For establishing synchronism, you need Line Voltage Monitor, DG Sync. Controller, Electrically operated ACBs, DG Income feeders, Current transformers, Basic electrical protective relays, Temperature scanner, battery charger and Instrumentation circuitry from DG to DG control panel. Find functional deep sea electronics generator controller, UAE from ATS Electrical Generator TR. LLC.

DSE Steps to successful synchronizing and load sharing- DSE 8610 MKII


The DSE 8610 MKII manual says, failure to perform the control steps will affects the engine & alternator. The control process is important for a stable synchronizing, stable kW & KVAR load sharing.

  • The first step in control process is to determine the connections and settings for governors. Before starting, ensure the governor is connected to a Dead Bus Bar with no Loads connected. Open the generator breaker and set the generator for running at a normal frequency. Now connect the DSE module to the governor.
  • To adjust the governor SW1, first start the generator and open the breaker. Check the drive direction and if the frequency increases when SW1 is decreased, mark the option Output Reversed. The nominal frequency of generator should be 50 Hz- 60 Hz. Therefore, adjust SW1 setting for the governor to reach the nominal frequency. Now you can stop the generator as SW1 is complete.
  • To adjust the governor SW2, first raise the setting of nominal frequency by 2.5 Hz. Now start the generator to run at the setting of SW1 with the breaker being opened. Then close the generator breaker on to a Dead Bus Bar with no loads connected. You will see the generator frequency starts increasing towards the new nominal frequency setting. If this is not achieved, adjust SW2 and keep adjusting it to ensure Governor Drive reads within 75%- 85%. Now stop the generator and decrease the setting of the nominal frequency by 2.5Hz.
  • Then start the generator to run at a setting of SW1. Close the Generator Breaker on to a Dead Bus Bar with no Loads connected. You will see that the generator frequency decrease towards the new nominal frequency. Now adjust SW2 to ensure Governor Drive reads within 75%-85%. Change the nominal frequency setting back to the actual nominal frequency.
  • The second step is to determine connections & settings for AVRS. This process should be done only after completing the setting up of SW1 & SW2 for the governor. Do the initial processes just like in governor and start adjusting AVR SW1.
  • Open the breaker and start the generator. Check the direction of drive and adjust the SW1 setting for the AVRT till the generator runs at nominal voltage. Stop the generator now.
  • To adjust AVR SW2, increase the nominal voltage setting by 10%. Open the breaker and start the generator to run at setting of SW1. Now close the generator breaker and see whether the generator voltage increase towards new nominal voltage setting. Adjust SW2 to achive this and keep adjusting to ensure AVR Drive reads within 75%-85%. Then stop the generator and decrease the normal voltage setting by 10%.


Metering steps are important to get a correct power factor and kW calculations. Ensure CTs are not carrying current and are short circuit connected to avoid dangers.

  • CTS on the right phase- First ensure the CTs on L1, L2 & L3 are connected to the respective DSE connection modules. Test it by loading the generator with a resistive load across the 3 phases. It displays unity power factor (1.0f) if the CTs are wired properly.
  • CTS in the right direction- Make sure that CTs are in the right phase before going to the next step. Now ensure the CTs on L1, L2 & L3 have been mounted properly & the S1 & S2 are not swapped over. Test it by loading the generator with a resistive load across the 3 phases. You can see positive kW, if CTs, S1, S2 are properly wired.

3. Communications

Communication steps are important for better communication between controllers & other DSE controllers.
First ensure every module is connected on the MSC link and is communicating properly. The sets on the Bus must be equal to the number of DSE8 * 10s on the MSC link. The Mains Controllers ON the Bus and the combined number of DSE8 * 60s & DSE8 * 80s on the MSC link must be same. Find the faults in the modules by connecting into each module separately until the Sets on the Bus reports 1.

4. Sync Checks

Check whether the sensing cables of all modules are connected to the correct phases and the load switch of generator has been correctly connected. Do the test properly for avoiding the DSE module sensing both sides of the breaker as in sync. Test this by starting the generator with the DSE module while the load switch is in ON mode. Start the generator common Bus and connect a voltage meter to measure the AC voltage when the DSE module shows the 2 supplies in sync.

In conclusion

Deep sea electronics generator controller, UAE is an innovative range of control solutions for single & multiple generators, safety relays for power, lighting tower control solutions, AVRs, remote communications and expansion modules. The variety of modules & product specifications for deep sea generators are regulated by newest technology methods, which make it easier to efficiently obtain additional power sources.

ATS Electrical Generator TR. LLC

We are the leading generator suppliers in Sharjah, functioning with a mission to design & manufacture highly reliable electric generator products & devices at affordable prices. We supply, repair & do maintenance works for generators, utilizing revolutionary & innovative technologies to provide a complete solution in every possible manner. We supply a whole line of diesel generators, switch gears, Tower lights, voltage regulators and deep sea electronics generator controller, UAE.

Can a Light Tower be used as a Generator?

Generators are an ideal source of alternate electric supply, which distributes electricity to houses, business outlets and commercial facilities. There are classifications based on the fuel source, output voltage and power level. They can be used to provide back-up and redundancy at times when there is a power outage of the utility power.

Currently, standby generators and portable generators are popular because with the updated versions, everyone finds it’s easy to maintain their electrical appliances and essential systems when there is a power outage.

If you are looking for generator suppliers in Sharjah, Al Taqah Al Sareeah provides high quality Diesel Generators of various renowned brands. We are the leading Tower Light supplier in UAE with a versatile and dynamic collection of lighting solutions. Here we will discuss what a tower light is and find whether a light tower can be used as a generator.

What are Tower Lights?

Tower Lights is a type of signal light used in process control environments and industrial manufacturing to indicate a machine’s visual & audible status for the industrial production team. You can see multiple indicator lights on the structure with lighting modules of Green, Red and Yellow. Each colored light symbolizes specific process. There is a sound module connected to the light tower. These are often referred to as signal tower lights, warning lights, indicator lights, industrial signal lights and light towers. Use the best quality industrial tower lights from Al Taqah Tower Light Supplier in UAE.

Can Light Towers be used as a Generator?

A lighting component attached to a diesel generator forms a Light Tower. These can act as an additional power source in addition to the main source. Therefore most of the Tower Lights can be utilized for power generation in addition to the use as a light source. But this is not a recommended option as wet stacking can occur at times and the unburned fuel expels as exhaust. So we can say, using Tower lights as generators is inefficient and shorten the life of the Tower Lights.

Al Taqah Al Sareeah Diesel Generator Suppliers in UAE

We are one of the leading Diesel Generator suppliers in Sharjah, providing a comprehensive range of branded quality generator sets ranging from 7.5 kVA to 3000 kVA. As a reliable generator spare parts suppliers in UAE, we supply the best quality intelligent switch boards, design & install end-to-end power systems for power plants, maintenance works and do generator rental too. We are proud to prove that our generators and Tower lights are fuel-efficient and we use only the best versions of the newest technology machineries. Al Taqah Tower light supplier in UAE helps you 24/7 for extending our service and support.


How cold weather affects a generator and how to prevent it?

Before the arrival of winters, generator maintenance company in UAE can be contacted to know about the affects of cold weather and winds on the generator. There are many considerations and preventions to follow so that the cold weather doesn’t leave the generator in a bad condition. There could be loss of light and heat with the generators having hand-on capability for resolution of power outages. Electric failure or malfunction can be resolved with the right guidance taken from the generator suppliers in Sharjah.

Some of the common problems

CO poisoning: This is the major problem during cold season. The houses are closed up in winters and most of the problems occur due to the improper use of space heaters. There is improper use of generators that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning that can be deadly. You must never operate your generator in your home, even if it is basement or garage area. It must be at least 10 feet away from any vents, windows and doors. The installation of carbon monoxide detectors can be taken from generator spare parts suppliers in UAE in living areas to detect the formation of this hazardous gas.

Shock hazards: The generators are used in rainy and snowy weather also. Although, UAE never encounters such problems but the risks could be caused due to the winds. It is important to store your generator under a covered area, in a portable canopy, carport, or open-sided shed and make sure that the ground over which it is placed is completely dry. There should be no water pit and you must make sure that the generator is grounded well and whenever you’re operating it, you must be wearing shoes.

Power cord issues: Many people use extension wiring for running the generators and it is quite hazardous. You get a risk of falling and tripping of wires that could even run through the home. You must run a cord through cracked window, seal the space with duct tape to prevent fumes from entering the space. The generator can be placed far away from the window and the cords can be plugged with power switch in off mode. The generator can be turned on after the cords go in the place. All the cords can be inspected by the generator maintenance company in UAE and you must consider it as an important point to avoid shortages and shocks.

Generators can be lifesavers: It is not convenient and possible to run life without electric power. Generators are beneficial for ensuring that you get the winter safety with adequate light and power being supplemented through these heavy machines meant to provide power. This supplementary equipment can bring you towards a quality life but maintaining it on regular basis by experts is mandatory for getting ease in life.

Improper installation of portable generators: Some people prefer portable generators as they create serious risks for the users. Improper installation of generators could create serious risks for the users. The instruction manual for operating the generators must be checked out and even the assistance of experts could be taken to understand the appropriate usage. Never use a portable generator in an enclosed area and there should be no combustible materials placed near your generator area for safety.


ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC is the most trusted generator maintenance company in UAE. They provide assistance from the planning to execution phase for the generators along with logistics planning, onsite installation and regular maintenance. The engineers provide regular service and support at every stage. Our generator specialists execute all the generator suppliers in Sharjah and UAE with the supreme quality. The company has a strong reputation in supplying the latest model generators that provide electricity at the places where the power grid system could be unstable. There are a comprehensive range of generator sets available with diesel or gas as a fuel option. They are the generator spare parts suppliers in UAE providing after-sales and maintenance services for the generators on the regular basis to improve efficiency and fuel economy.

Contact the experts today and get the most responsible solutions for all your electricity generator requirements.


Common Misconceptions about Generator Maintenance

A generator is a powerful and durable piece of equipment. When looking to purchase it from generator suppliers in Sharjah or elsewhere, you may come across several facts and some myths about this form of equipment. If you lack an engineering background, you might spend a bit of time and money researching which generator is best for your business. In your research stage, you might uncover some worthless pieces of information about generators. Here, as a generator maintenance company in UAE, we will discuss some of the myths that you should neglect about generator upkeep.

All Generator Types Need Little To No Maintenance

As with any other piece of equipment, regular maintenance is important for generators for you to get the best out of this piece of equipment. During an outage at your location, you would need a reliable generator that can enable the continuity of your operation until the mains electricity comes back. Routine generator maintenance can ensure that the equipment unit functions when you require it most. Therefore, as a generator maintenance company in UAE, we would recommend investing in a maintenance program that covers the following.

  • Oil change: It is important to perform a generator oil change at specific intervals and stick to that schedule to confirm peak performance from the machine. Oil is essential to lubricate the internal parts of the engine so that those components run smoothly. Nevertheless, it is likely to degrade gradually during a long period, which can not only affect efficiency but also drive up wear and tear.
  • Exterior cleaning: Keeping the exterior of your generator clean can help reduce the possibility of debris getting into your power system. That said, it is not advisable to spray water straight on the equipment unit. Exposing it to too much moisture can severely damage the internal parts of the machine.
  • Filter cleaning: Keeping the engine free of dirt, dust and other particles requires a clean generator filter. Whenever the oil is changed, it is important to check the filter as well as clean it if required. Following some clean-up jobs, it may appear that it is impossible to clean the filter enough. In that case, you may require a new or replacement filter to confirm that you can benefit from the machine as much as possible. Feel free to approach one of the generator spare parts suppliers in UAE for necessary the replacement part.

A Diesel Generator Creates Too Much Noise

It would not be a misconception if you were talking about the maintenance aspect of very old diesel generators. Sustaining power with those generators required burning diesel at high temperatures and pressures. Therefore, the mechanics in the generator had to be working at intensely quick speeds, which produced much noise.

On the other hand, new generators are not noisy; even silent diesel generator models are available nowadays. The new pieces of machinery work in a quieter way, offer much power and need less maintenance. We know this for a fact, as a generator maintenance company in UAE. Gasoline burns much hotter as compared to diesel, causing much wear on the components of the generator. Therefore, a gasoline generator requires more maintenance.