Revolutionizing Underwater Technology: The Deep Sea Electronics Controller

One of the top producers of battery chargers, auto transfer switch controllers, vehicle & off-highway controllers, and generator controllers in the world is Deep Sea Electronics.

Modern workplaces frequently assume that using display screen equipment (DSE) is a need, however the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations of 1992 set tight restrictions on employers’ use of DSE in order to protect workers’ health.

What is a Generator Control Module?

The parameters of a generator are monitored and controlled by a generator control module, a type of PLC that also performs system protection functions.

Typically, the generator control module of a diesel generator starts the engine, keeps track of several generator protections, and shuts down the engine or displays alerts when a protection is outside of a predetermined range.

What are the things to consider:

Pump manufacturers are informing us of the need for adaptable, dependable control systems that also offer operational efficiencies, which is driving the demand for generator controllers. Each application has different requirements. So what criteria should you use to select a controller?

  • Flexibilty

Manufacturers of generator controllers remind us that no two jobs are alike, therefore the last thing you need when looking for a pump controller is to always have to sift through the many options due to new applications or projects. Deep sea electronics generator controller UAE are the perfect choice for any pump application because they offer built-in versatility with programmable I/Os, configurable alarms and warnings, and multiple display languages.

This permits simple system adjustments or upgrades in the event that the work specification changes while still enabling the pump manufacturer to standardise on one controller.

  • User-friendly Operation

Modern applications can be complicated and varied without necessarily requiring complex control strategies. The user-friendly DSE Configuration Suite PC programme or the modules’ front panel, which is the same for the whole line of modules, are the only two ways to alter settings inside the modules.

The clear screens guide the engineer through each functional area and make it simple to modify I/Os, system alarms, engine alerts, etc. to meet the needs of various applications. If necessary, access can be PIN-protected to prevent unintentional or unauthorised modifications. The front panel’s clear LED display screen and scroll/select buttons also make it simple to retrieve operational status data while on-site.

Why Choose from Deep Sea Electronics?
  • provides accurate information about the power calculation.
  • ensures protection against engine overload.
  • There are various installation options available.
  • provides process details in an easy-to-understand format.
  • enables accurate generator sensing
  • offers flexibility on a global scale.
  • enables the operated motor to be started and stopped.
  • maximum monitoring flexibility is offered.
  • ensures total engine control to increase operational efficiency.
  • Make sure the battery has enough capacity.
  • enables access to historical alerts and their operational status.
  • gives high-level systems complete, simple-to-use setup, control, and monitoring.
Get the Best DSE Controller in UAE from ATS

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Know All About The Features and Classifications of Switch Gears

Switchgear is basically a piece of equipment that is used for switching, controlling, and protecting electrical circuits and components. Switchgear is a combination of electrical switches, circuit breakers, isolators, relays, and fuses. These devices are used to interrupt the current under both normal and abnormal working situations.

All the components of the switchgear are neatly arranged inside a metal container that has been properly earthed. Apart from shielding the load from any danger or harm, the switchgear also keeps the transmission lines and the switchgear safe and secure. The switches used in normal household use air as an insulating medium. However, circuit breakers that work on high current and voltages use special gases, oil, and vacuum for insulation. Some switchgear even use different types of insulators. That said, if you are looking for switchgear manufacturing companies in UAE, then we are there for you.

Features of a switchgear

Here are some of the features of switchgear.

  1. Complete Reliability – one of the most important features of switchgear is reliability. As the safety of the entire power system is based on the switchgear, it must be able to cut off any faulty section promptly and flawlessly.
  2. Proper discrimination – switchgear must be able to detect any faulty parts of the system and isolate them immediately without disrupting the healthy section. If switchgear is unable to do that, chances are the fault will quickly spread to the entire system and disrupt them entirely.
  3. Quick action – fast response is a mandatory and primary requirement of any switchgear. Why? Because a quick cut-off due to any fault will prevent further damage to transformers or generators. If the switchgear is slow, it means it is inefficient and can be quite dangerous.
  4. Manual control – even though the automatic function is a primary feature of any switchgear, there should also be a provision for manual control in case the automatic control fails.

Many electrical switchgear companies in UAE can help you in finding the right switchgear for you.

Classification of a Switchgear

Switchgear can be generically divided into three groups based on the voltage level: low voltage switchgear, medium voltage switchgear, and high voltage switchgear.

1. Low-voltage switchgear (LV)

Low voltage switchgear is used in power electronic circuits that have voltage levels up to 1KV. Air circuit breakers, oil circuit breakers, earth leakage circuit breakers, micro circuit breakers, molded case circuit breakers, switch fuse units, HRC fuses, and other low voltage devices are some of the examples of low voltage devices needed to protect the low voltage systems.

2. Medium voltage electrical system

These include medium voltage electrical systems that operate up to 36 kV. Medium voltage switchgear is used by the systems operating at this specific voltage level. Equipment like minimum oil circuit breakers and bulk oil circuit breakers are examples of medium voltage switchgear. A particular non-toxic, inert, and insulating gas, like SF6, may be employed by medium voltage switchgear in place of oil, vacuum, or another interruption medium. The medium voltage switchgear can be divided into air, vacuum, and gas-insulated switchgear depending on the type of interruption medium utilized. There are many varieties of medium voltage switchgear including metal-enclosed indoor type, metal-enclosed outdoor type, outdoor type medium voltage switchgear without metal casing, etc. based on casing and installation.

3. High voltage Switchgear

High-voltage switchgear is utilized by electrical systems operating at voltages greater than 36 kV. The high-voltage circuit breaker is the primary piece of equipment used in the building of high-voltage switchgear. The high-voltage switchgear usually uses SF6 gas, vacuum, etc. as its interruption medium. High-level voltage systems and devices tend to cause significant arcing while switching, hence careful consideration must be given to their design. These gadgets must have a very high level of reliability. It must be emphasized that high-voltage switchgear switching and tripping activities are seen quite rarely.

Classification of switchgear based on the voltage to be handled

Based on the voltage to be handled, the switchgear can be classified into two categories – outdoor-type switchgear and indoor-type switchgear.

1. Outdoor-type switchgear

Outdoor-type switchgear is used for voltages above 66kV. This is due to the equipment needed by the system, such as transformers, switches, circuit breakers, etc., needing a sizeable surface area and a broad electrical clearance between the conductors at such high magnitude voltages. You cannot install such a device indoors as it can be extremely expensive.

2. Indoor-Type switchgear

Indoor-type switchgear suits voltages below 66kV. This type of switchgear is made using metal clads. All the pieces of equipment in this piece are fitted together to create an earthed metal case. You can easily install them indoors as they are quite compact and budget-friendly.

To sum it up,

Switchgear are an excellent choice for both indoors and outdoors. If you are looking for electrical switch gear companies in UAE, then we at ATS Electrical Generator are there for you.

We have been in the field for many years and can help you with all types of switchgear. We are the one-stop solution for switchgear because it has an absolute inventory of switches, circuit breakers, switch fuse units, HRC fuses, unload isolators, contractors, etc. In order to protect the generator, we provide a wide range of these safeguards. We are the top switch gear manufacturing companies in UAE.

Common Generator Problems and How to Avoid Them

In order to properly power required equipment, generators must operate smoothly and efficiently. Like all electrical machinery, generators can occasionally malfunction. We must therefore be mindful of the potential problems with generators and get instant help from generator repairing Sharjah.

The information can either assist us in preventing the issue from arising in the first place or, at the very least, alert us to its existence.

Here in this blog we will see what some of the common generator problems are and how to avoid them.

  • Leaks

Leaks are the first issue that might occur with a generator. Although fuel, coolant, or oil leaks may occasionally occur with a generator, the good news is that most of the time they can be avoided by carrying out routine maintenance inspections. You’ll be able to identify these problems, as well as many more, by performing routine inspections on your unit.

Fuel leaks most frequently happen when the base tank is overfilled. This may occur as a result of a problem with the gasoline pump system or merely due to human mistake. To ensure appropriate fueling, it is essential to have a skilled maintenance specialist perform it.

  • Battery Failures

The most frequent problem with generators is battery failure. As batteries get older, they lose capacity and start to produce less and less power. Knowing how long your generator’s battery will last will help you determine when to replace it before it breaks down.

Before using your generator, always check to make sure the batteries, chargers, and any cables and connections leading to and from the battery are in good condition. Wipe and tighten connections frequently, and clean any sulfation accumulation from the battery plates.

  • Low Coolant

It’s possible that simple coolant depletion is the cause of your generator engine’s overheating. The fluid known as coolant distributes heat throughout the engine to prevent freezing or overheating of engine components, keeping your generator at the proper temperature.

The coolant acts to reduce the high temperatures that the generator’s engine generates. The water in the coolant evaporates over time due to repeated exposure to extremely high temperatures, resulting in low levels. Your engine can have the fluids it needs with routine maintenance, which includes fluid level checks.

  • Wet Stacking

When it comes to diesel generators, wet stacking is another type of fluid leak that reduces generator performance. When fluids like oil, unburned fuel, and condensed water accumulate in the exhaust system and leak out as a thick, dark material, it causes this problem.

A moist stacking problem can be resolved by burning off extra fuel. Monitoring exhaust temperatures, adding provisions for load bank testing, and paralleling generators are other ways to avoid wet stacking in the future. This problem typically only affects diesel generators, however it is frequently to blame when a diesel generator fails to operate at rated loads.

Generator Maintenance Company in UAE- ATS Generator

If you own a generator, you are aware of how important it is to always have it ready to go. Your productivity will increase if you know how to identify and address frequent problems.

You’ll also be able to tell when you’ll need the assistance of a qualified expert. At ATS Generator, we make sure that you get the best services for your generator repairing Sharjah, helping your generators to well without any malfunctioning.

Things To Know Before Buying a Diesel Generator

Construction companies depend on power, and once it stops, the whole work gets halted and backfired. So power generators are the backbone of any industry to make it keep going. Have you given a thought on, are there any factors to be dug to buy a diesel generator or anything would do? And here is the first thing to be noted, your diesel generator should have effective return on investment, thereby should not raise the expenses beyond a threshold. ATS electric generator TR.LLC is widely known as the best diesel generator suppliers in UAE has pooled the factors down to procure the custom effective diesel generators at your place.

What is a diesel generator?

Diesel generator uses diesel engine along with electric generator to generate electrical energy. During situations of power cuts, or in places where there is no power connection, a diesel generator is a saviour. It is used for emergency power supply. We are the best diesel generator suppliers in UAE, who is upgrading ourselves everyday to suffice the enlarging needs of the industries, and thereby provides, best quality diesel generators who will never betray during your wonderful occasions and your works at any point.

Diesel generators vary for its efficiency and excellence from size, model, designs etc. which enables you to procure the best diesel generator which will suffice your needs of the building or the place.

Diesel generators have become the staple of industries, irrespective of their work for innumerable reasons. Diesel generator is all places found essential from construction operations, data backup center, mining operations, backup power for hospitality industries like hotels and resorts, disaster planning, microgrid, or probably any industry that will enjoy 24/7 power supply.

There are number of factors that made diesel generators won the high competition in the field. Diesel generators are remarked for being less flammable than gas, produces greater energy density to volume ratio, and is renowned for its efficient consumption rates. When weighed the efficiency from its natural gas counterparts, diesel generators tend to burn less than half the amount of fuel.

Important things to know before buying a diesel generator:

Ready to enjoy, the magic of electricity 24/7


The first thing that you note down to buy a diesel generator is to decide upon its size that will secure your needs to be carried. To determine the perfect size of your generator, acknowledging the purpose is the easiest way. The industrial generators should mostly be large in size which will provide large amount of power supply for much longer period. While residential generators are small in size and tends to be ideal for households, small shops and offices which provides power up to a specific range.


Installing a diesel generator does not end the work, you parallelly needs to assure that you do not run out off the fuel. So the other important factors to be considered is to have proper on time fuel deliveries and storage regardless of the situations.


It is important to know the fuel consumption of the diesel generator to calculate the cost efficiency. Find the fuel consumption of generator per hour and per kva or kw beforehand.


To optimize the fuel consumption and performance of the generator concerning the load demand, power management systems will help you. Check out to have control and power management systems that will automatically transfer the power from the grid to the generator during power cut and vice versa, also displaying low fuel and other performance issues to increase the efficiency.

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What Are The 3 Major Components of a Diesel Generator?

Diesel generators acts as Main Power Source, Prime Power (PRP) or Continuous Power (COP), or as a Backup Power Source, Standby Power (ESP) or Limited Time Power (LTP). They are installed mainly at places where sudden power cut and issues in electricity occur. They are necessary to be installed especially in properties where power cuts cannot be risked. Operated on diesel there are diverse types of diesel generators available in the market. They are installed at homes, schools, hospitals, factories etc. ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC, the leading diesel generator companies in UAE have different types of diesel generators. Top quality diesel generators are sold by us. Our excellent service and standard products have turned us into the most sought after diesel generator companies in UAE.

Diesel Engine

One of the most important parts of the generator, diesel engine converts the energy produced by the diesel fuel using the compression ignition into mechanical energy. The engine size differs according to the energy output required. Size and energy is directly proportional to each other. Diesel engines are also used in vehicles like cars and trucks. While looking for diesel generator suppliers in UAE, check with them the quality and specifications of the diesel engine.

Some major components of Diesel Engine include:

  • Oil System – This system comprise of oil pump and also oil filters. The oil system which is also known as the lubrication system as the name signifies lubricates the engine and helps the engine to work perfectly. It reduces the friction between the different parts of the engine.
  • Fuel System – It comprise of injectors, pipes, fuel injection pump etc.
  • Turbo Charger – It makes the engine powerful by compressing the combustion air.
  • Electrical System – It includes starter motor, alternator and battery.
  • The engines cooling system – It helps in keeping the engine and its parts safe from corrosion. It helps in maintaining the property of lubrication in oil. It maintains optimal temperature and eliminates excess heat.
  • Other components of the diesel engine include engine exhaust system, pistons, crank shaft, engine block, air filters, flywheel and many more.

AC Alternator

The AC alternator is another vital component of diesel generator which makes the generator work smoothly. It is manufactured using copper windings, electrical steel and low carbon steel. The electrical steel and copper windings are insulated to prevent the occurrence of short circuits. AC alternator converts the mechanical energy to the electrical energy. Along with battery the alternator generates the power required for the diesel generator.

Some components of alternator are:

  • Regulator – It regulates the voltage and distributes the amount of power from the alternator to the battery.
  • Rectifier- AC (Alternating Current) is converted to DC (Direct Current) by the rectifier.
  • Rotor – It works as spinning electromagnet through which the belt system works.
  • Other components of the alternator include – Slip Rings, Stator, Pulley, Drive End Bearing, Slip Ring End Bearing etc.

It is important to always keep in check the AC alternator. When you notice that the alternator is overheating, have a burning smell, displays frequent short circuits and condensation it may need to be corrected. Otherwise the whole system of the diesel generator goes down.

Control Panel

Control panel displays the details and parameters such as voltage, current, frequency etc while the generator is working. The control panel is the component which controls, monitor and helps in the management of the generator. It is important for the diesel generators to remain in the pre-set limits and control panel monitors it. Used along with the ATS panel for automatic failure operation, it can be employed for reading any Diagnostic Trouble Codes. It is utilized for starting and stopping the diesel generator. Control Panels can be automatic as well as manual.

The components of Control Panel include:

  • Circuit Breakers – Circuit Breakers is not present in all types of control panel. It breaks the power flow when sudden short-circuit or overload occurs.
  • Current Transformers – As the name implies it transforms high output current to low output current of the alternator.
  • Control Module and Terminal Rail are the other two components in the control panel.

Connect with ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC, if you are looking for Diesel generator suppliers in UAE. Being the finest diesel generator companies in UAE we will deliver the most suitable diesel generator for your specific purpose.

Annual Generator Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance of a generator is important to ensure that the equipment will properly operate and will last for a long time. It also eliminates the occurrence of any accidents or more costly repairs which may happen if service of the generator is not done properly. Only if maintenance service is done for generators will it function efficiently without any hindrance during the time of power failures. Defects, leakages, and other damages/faults should be examined and looked into in detail. The overall performance of the generator and its condition should also be looked into. For efficient generator maintenance you have to hire a professional generator maintenance company in UAE. They will have proper knowledge and expertise about the maintenance. ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC, is the top generator maintenance company in UAE having comprehensive knowledge and experience for maintenance and generators repairing Sharjah.

While searching for generators repairing Sharjah you have to consider whether they:
  • have experience and good reputation
  • have positive reviews
  • provide comprehensive service
  • offer the service at reasonable rate
  • are responsive
  • will meet your requirement on time
Importance of generator maintenance:
Eliminates the issue of fuel

Issues like blocked fuel injectors, dead batteries and algae build up can happen if fuel system is not checked and fuel is not replaced.

Reduces future cost and expenses

If maintenance is not done then the generator and its components will eventually incur long term expenses and cost. There is even a chance that you might end up having to change the whole unit.

Makes the generator long lasting

With proper maintenance the generator will work and last for long time.

Improved and increased efficiency

Without maintenance the generator will gradually stop operating efficiently. It will also ensure that generator will run smoothly during power cuts.

For safety and operating efficiency there are checklists for daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual as well as annual maintenance which have to be followed routinely. Here let us discuss about the annual generator maintenance and generators repairing Sharjah checklist.

Checklist – Annual Generator Maintenance
  • The electrical system of the generator has to be checked. Not only external wiring internal wiring of the system should also be checked.
  • Clean the dirt and dust and tighten the wires.
  • Check the overall appearance and condition of the generator.
  • Replace the oil.
  • Change the fuel filter.
  • Examine the fan tension.
  • Change the air filter.
  • Coolant level has to be inspected.
  • Level of battery electrolyte.
  • Check the working of the cooling thermostat.
  • Examine the alternator and the regulator.
  • Inspect the day tank pump and the level switches.
  • Examine the cooling system and engine block heater.
  • Find if there are any leaks or residues.
  • Examine and clean generator brush and brush holders.
  • Check the exciter.
  • Engine and generator set control have to be looked into.
  • Safety shutdown devices and errors like failed start, high temperature cut off, speed cut-off etc should be checked.
  • Tighten the mounting bolts clean wipe unit crankcase breather etc.
  • The generator has to be run and inspected for voltage and frequency.

10 Amazing Things to Consider When Picking Tower Light Supplier

Tower lights are used across different industries especially in manufacturing, construction and mining industries. Tower lights come in different varieties. Choosing the right one as per your requirement is important. ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC, the best tower light supplier in UAE has high quality tower lights. We are also the leading generator suppliers in Sharjah. Having been in the industry for a very long time we are constantly trying to serve quality products at affordable price. We routinely update our inventory and strive to meet the requirements of our customers.

10 amazing things to consider when picking tower light supplier

1. Supplier having assortment of products

Different industries use different tower lights. When looking for a tower light supplier in UAE you should see to it that the supplier will meet your requirement and have the most suitable product for you. The right product can support specific lighting needs and your goals.

2. Servicing and Customer Care

Good quality lighting towers are durable however it does not mean that it will function smoothly without any issue. Hence buy the products from a tower light supplier in UAE who provide warranty and proper service. They should have customer care who respond to you promptly and will answer all your queries and doubts.

3. Extensive Product Knowledge

A tower light supplier in UAE having sound knowledge about the lighting products and technology will be able to assist you in choosing the best tower light with the right features. They should be able to guide you on the product functioning and its mounting.

4. Quality Product

Quality of the tower lights is very important. Tower lights are mostly mounted outdoors. They have to withstand outside condition and should be made from sturdy and robust material. Hence buy it from a tower light supplier in UAE selling products of good brand.

5. Cost

Cost is another primary factor to consider while buying tower light. It is always ideal to buy product from a wholesale supplier who have been in the market for a long time. They will have quality products at low prices.

6. Supplier’s efficiency in delivering the order

Ensure that the supplier you have selected will deliver the order on time.

7. Trusted and reputed supplier

A trusted and reputed supplier will never make false claim. They will deliver what they promise. Therefore before finalising on a supplier look into the reviews and ratings. This will help you to choose the best tower light supplier in UAE and will save you from deceptive sales tactics.

8. Tower Light specifications

A supplier should have tower lights which have appropriate features which will serve the purpose of the products. Tower Lights should be able to be connected to automatic systems easily. The sound module, light coverage, brightness, orientation, power source required etc should be examined.

9. Inventory

A well-stocked supplier with proper inventory management will supply the product on time in good condition.

10. Experience

Look for experienced suppliers, they will have proven track record and you will get products of value and quality from them. They will work together with you with integrity.

Must-Knows When Choosing a Voltage Stabilizer For Your Home

In order to ensure the protection of a circuit it is important to have devices that will maintain the power distribution consistently. Switchgears are devices or apparatus which helps in isolating, protecting, and controlling the circuit system or the power system. Switchgear devices generally comprise of Switches, Fuses, Isolators, Relays, Circuit Breakers, Lightning, Arresters and so on. They also further include equipments which regulates electricity.

Voltage stabilizers and regulators safeguard the electrical devices such as computers, medical equipment, TVs, refrigerators, and more. Voltage regulators are any electrical apparatuses that keep the voltage in allowable limits. They keep the power of the devices stable. Voltage regulators ensure constant output voltage, even if there are variations in the load conditions and input voltage. Voltage Stabilizer provides consistent and constant voltage to a load during voltage variations. Sudden voltage fluctuations can cause damage to appliances and short circuits. A good quality voltage stabilizer keeps voltage intact and enables the proper working of appliances and equipments. ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC, the most sought after voltage stabilizer supplier UAE have standard quality stabilizers and regulators required for different purposes. Al Taqah also is one among the renowned generator suppliers in Sharjah.

It is essential to have voltage stabilizers and regulators in all kinds of buildings and houses. Electrical system is always at risk of power variations. Regulators and stabilizers not only safeguards the electronic devices from harm but also make them perform and operate better. With the assistance of stabilizers and regulators appliances can be used for a long period of time thereby saving your money. Another major advantage of having regulators and stabilizers is that it protects each one of us from harm by eliminating the chance of short circuits and also danger caused by faulty equipments.

While buying voltage stabilizers you have to consider certain things. Buying them randomly will not give the desired results. The following are some of the things to keep in check while buying voltage stabilizers.

  • Foremostly the power requirement of the electrical equipments should be considered. The power factor of the devices and the amount of power each device consumes should be examined in detail.
  • Level of fluctuations of voltage in the area or region should also be understood in detail. Stabilizers which meet the demands of the region should be chosen.
  •  They should be easy to mount at places where they are safe from getting wet or any other damage.
  • They should come with proper indicators.
  •  Time delay systems balance the flow of current by the inbuilt compressor especially during short power cuts. The stabilizers should have proper time delay system which enables time lapse.
  •  Digitized models are more dependable and accurate. They can also smoothly adapt to numerous appliances quickly.
  •  Stabilizers should have proper overload protection feature.
  •  It is important to go through the user manual and to know in detail the specifications of the stabilizers like current, power and voltage rating.
  •  The current surge when an appliance is switched on should also be checked.
  •  Choose stabilizer with proper working range or voltage range.

Get in touch with ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC, the best voltage stabilizer supplier UAE for the most ideal type of stabilizers and regulators.


Know More About Different Types of switchgear

Switchgears consists of circuit breakers, fuses and switches, isolators, relays, current and potential transformers, arresters, control panels and so on. They help in maintaining power distribution. They are used both in commercial electrical system as well as in domestic electrical system. Different kinds of devices which are operated on electricity are protected by switchgears during sudden power changes. They come into use when overloads and other faults occur unexpectedly. Damage to the whole electrical system is prevented by using switchgears. ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC is one of the topmost switch gear manufacturing companies in UAE. We provide standard grade switchgears which can be used for commercial and domestic purposes.

What is Switchgear?

Switchgears are equipment or apparatus used to isolate and protect electrical devices and system. One or more switchgears together are known as switchgear line-up or assembly. Switchgears are incorporated in electrical distribution system to regulate and control the electricity.

Varieties of Switchgear

Switchgears are mainly of three kinds based on voltage. They are low voltage (LV), medium voltage (MV), and high voltage (HV). Based on the type of installation done they are categorised into indoor and outdoor. Being one of the best electrical switch gear companies in UAE, ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC provides various types of switchgears.

Low Voltage Switchgear (LV)

They are switchgears which comprise of low voltage circuit breakers, earth leakage circuit breakers, offload electrical isolators and so on. They are used to protect low voltage circuit system. They have a capacity of 1KV and current of up to 6,000 amps.

Medium Voltage Switchgear (MV)

They are switchgears with capacity ranging from 3 KV to 36 KV. They can be of different kinds like outdoor type without metal enclosed, outdoor type with metal enclosed, metal enclosed indoor type and so on.

High Voltage (HV)

With capacity above 36KV they are used for systems with high voltage. The main component of this is high voltage circuit breaker. Different types of high voltage system include Gas Insulated Indoor Type (GIS) and Air Insulated Outdoor Type. Further outdoor type air insulated circuit breakers are classified as Dead Tank Type Circuit Breaker and Live Tank Type Circuit Breaker.

Attributes of Switchgear


Switchgears regulate and maintain uninterrupted power supply. They isolate faulty sections without interrupting the rest of the power distribution. Therefore they are reliable.


Issues like overload and other power interruptions are controlled by switchgear devices and hence they provide safety to people and other electrical devices.

Option for physical control

Switchgears can be controlled externally and physically in case of any emergency.


Switchgears differentiate between working and non-working parts and ensure even power distribution.

Quick reaction

Instantly the damaged components are separated from good components by switchgears thereby eliminating the cessation of the system.

Working of a Switchgear

Switchgear as previously stated consists of different devices. These devices regulate, control and protect the electric utility transmission system by evenly distributing the power to numerous areas. Not only numerous electrical equipments are protected by switchgears but also people are kept away from harm from the unexpected current flow. The relays in the switchgears isolate damaged parts of the electrical system thus making other parts function properly.

For your entire requirements regarding switchgears contact ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC, the finest amongst electrical switch gear companies in UAE.

What To Consider When Buying A Diesel Generator

Diesel Generators as the name suggests are operated on diesel engines. They are often installed in places where there are frequent issues of electricity and power cut. These generators are alternatives especially in commercial places where power cuts cannot be risked. Industries having cold storage units where sensitive items like frozen food are stored require diesel generators to prevent spoilage. In the market there are different models of generators available. Choosing the right generator as per the need is vital. ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC, one of the leading diesel generator companies in UAE has numerous varieties of diesel for different requirements.

Various factors of the generator have to be taken into account while buying a generator.

  • Phase

A single phase building needs a single phase generator and a three phased place needs a three phased generator.

  • Fuel

Be aware of how much fuel will be used by the generator and its efficiency against the load.

  • Noise

Generators often create high noise which can be nuisance to you as well as to anyone in the area. Therefore it is recommended to use generators that have noise absorption automation.

  • Power

Have an understanding about the power consumption and choose what is suitable for your building.

  • Physical attribute

Generators of large size cannot be kept in a house. They are suitable for commercial building hence choose generators according to the space available. Also it is advisable to select generators with wheels which make it easily portable.

  • Control System

Having proper control system helps you to have an understanding about the working of the generator. Warning displays regarding performance, fuel consumption display etc is highly beneficial. Generators which automatically operate during power issue fluctuations and power cut is more preferred over others which are not.

Known as the number one among the diesel generator companies in UAE, ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC offers guidance and in depth detail about all the above said features. Other than features, there are also a few other things which needs to be considered when you are buying a diesel generator. They are:

  • Type of building/space

Generators are mainly of two sizes; large ones with more power for commercial uses and small ones with less power for domestic uses. In commercial areas like industries, generators which give more power for extended time is used while for areas like house and offices generators with less energy producing capacity are used.

  • Function

Based on function modes there are two types of generators. Water cooled generators which use water for cooling and air cooled generators which utilize air for cooling. Maintenance of air cooled generators is easier compared to the other one.

  • Purpose

Know in detail what will be all equipments will operated using the generator. This will help in choosing the diesel generator with correct power output range. A 3kVa generator cannot be used in big industries similarly a 200 kVa is not required for a house.

If you are in facing dilemma on finding the apt diesel generator suppliers in UAE think no more contact ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC. We have highly efficient diesel generators to meet all your requirements.

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