Know All About The Features and Classifications of Switch Gears

Switchgear is basically a piece of equipment that is used for switching, controlling, and protecting electrical circuits and components. Switchgear is a combination of electrical switches, circuit breakers, isolators, relays, and fuses. These devices are used to interrupt the current under both normal and abnormal working situations.

All the components of the switchgear are neatly arranged inside a metal container that has been properly earthed. Apart from shielding the load from any danger or harm, the switchgear also keeps the transmission lines and the switchgear safe and secure. The switches used in normal household use air as an insulating medium. However, circuit breakers that work on high current and voltages use special gases, oil, and vacuum for insulation. Some switchgear even use different types of insulators. That said, if you are looking for switchgear manufacturing companies in UAE, then we are there for you.

Features of a switchgear

Here are some of the features of switchgear.

  1. Complete Reliability – one of the most important features of switchgear is reliability. As the safety of the entire power system is based on the switchgear, it must be able to cut off any faulty section promptly and flawlessly.
  2. Proper discrimination – switchgear must be able to detect any faulty parts of the system and isolate them immediately without disrupting the healthy section. If switchgear is unable to do that, chances are the fault will quickly spread to the entire system and disrupt them entirely.
  3. Quick action – fast response is a mandatory and primary requirement of any switchgear. Why? Because a quick cut-off due to any fault will prevent further damage to transformers or generators. If the switchgear is slow, it means it is inefficient and can be quite dangerous.
  4. Manual control – even though the automatic function is a primary feature of any switchgear, there should also be a provision for manual control in case the automatic control fails.

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Classification of a Switchgear

Switchgear can be generically divided into three groups based on the voltage level: low voltage switchgear, medium voltage switchgear, and high voltage switchgear.

1. Low-voltage switchgear (LV)

Low voltage switchgear is used in power electronic circuits that have voltage levels up to 1KV. Air circuit breakers, oil circuit breakers, earth leakage circuit breakers, micro circuit breakers, molded case circuit breakers, switch fuse units, HRC fuses, and other low voltage devices are some of the examples of low voltage devices needed to protect the low voltage systems.

2. Medium voltage electrical system

These include medium voltage electrical systems that operate up to 36 kV. Medium voltage switchgear is used by the systems operating at this specific voltage level. Equipment like minimum oil circuit breakers and bulk oil circuit breakers are examples of medium voltage switchgear. A particular non-toxic, inert, and insulating gas, like SF6, may be employed by medium voltage switchgear in place of oil, vacuum, or another interruption medium. The medium voltage switchgear can be divided into air, vacuum, and gas-insulated switchgear depending on the type of interruption medium utilized. There are many varieties of medium voltage switchgear including metal-enclosed indoor type, metal-enclosed outdoor type, outdoor type medium voltage switchgear without metal casing, etc. based on casing and installation.

3. High voltage Switchgear

High-voltage switchgear is utilized by electrical systems operating at voltages greater than 36 kV. The high-voltage circuit breaker is the primary piece of equipment used in the building of high-voltage switchgear. The high-voltage switchgear usually uses SF6 gas, vacuum, etc. as its interruption medium. High-level voltage systems and devices tend to cause significant arcing while switching, hence careful consideration must be given to their design. These gadgets must have a very high level of reliability. It must be emphasized that high-voltage switchgear switching and tripping activities are seen quite rarely.

Classification of switchgear based on the voltage to be handled

Based on the voltage to be handled, the switchgear can be classified into two categories – outdoor-type switchgear and indoor-type switchgear.

1. Outdoor-type switchgear

Outdoor-type switchgear is used for voltages above 66kV. This is due to the equipment needed by the system, such as transformers, switches, circuit breakers, etc., needing a sizeable surface area and a broad electrical clearance between the conductors at such high magnitude voltages. You cannot install such a device indoors as it can be extremely expensive.

2. Indoor-Type switchgear

Indoor-type switchgear suits voltages below 66kV. This type of switchgear is made using metal clads. All the pieces of equipment in this piece are fitted together to create an earthed metal case. You can easily install them indoors as they are quite compact and budget-friendly.

To sum it up,

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