Revolutionizing Underwater Technology: The Deep Sea Electronics Controller

One of the top producers of battery chargers, auto transfer switch controllers, vehicle & off-highway controllers, and generator controllers in the world is Deep Sea Electronics.

Modern workplaces frequently assume that using display screen equipment (DSE) is a need, however the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations of 1992 set tight restrictions on employers’ use of DSE in order to protect workers’ health.

What is a Generator Control Module?

The parameters of a generator are monitored and controlled by a generator control module, a type of PLC that also performs system protection functions.

Typically, the generator control module of a diesel generator starts the engine, keeps track of several generator protections, and shuts down the engine or displays alerts when a protection is outside of a predetermined range.

What are the things to consider:

Pump manufacturers are informing us of the need for adaptable, dependable control systems that also offer operational efficiencies, which is driving the demand for generator controllers. Each application has different requirements. So what criteria should you use to select a controller?

  • Flexibilty

Manufacturers of generator controllers remind us that no two jobs are alike, therefore the last thing you need when looking for a pump controller is to always have to sift through the many options due to new applications or projects. Deep sea electronics generator controller UAE are the perfect choice for any pump application because they offer built-in versatility with programmable I/Os, configurable alarms and warnings, and multiple display languages.

This permits simple system adjustments or upgrades in the event that the work specification changes while still enabling the pump manufacturer to standardise on one controller.

  • User-friendly Operation

Modern applications can be complicated and varied without necessarily requiring complex control strategies. The user-friendly DSE Configuration Suite PC programme or the modules’ front panel, which is the same for the whole line of modules, are the only two ways to alter settings inside the modules.

The clear screens guide the engineer through each functional area and make it simple to modify I/Os, system alarms, engine alerts, etc. to meet the needs of various applications. If necessary, access can be PIN-protected to prevent unintentional or unauthorised modifications. The front panel’s clear LED display screen and scroll/select buttons also make it simple to retrieve operational status data while on-site.

Why Choose from Deep Sea Electronics?
  • provides accurate information about the power calculation.
  • ensures protection against engine overload.
  • There are various installation options available.
  • provides process details in an easy-to-understand format.
  • enables accurate generator sensing
  • offers flexibility on a global scale.
  • enables the operated motor to be started and stopped.
  • maximum monitoring flexibility is offered.
  • ensures total engine control to increase operational efficiency.
  • Make sure the battery has enough capacity.
  • enables access to historical alerts and their operational status.
  • gives high-level systems complete, simple-to-use setup, control, and monitoring.
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