All You Need to Know About Automatic Regulator

Automatic Voltage Regulators or AVR is an important component in electrical equipment as it maintains and regulates constant voltage level on the same load. It delivers constant, reliable voltage supply and the right AVR can ensure the electrical systems work well. With the wrong AVR on your system, your electrical systems might malfunction, cost time and money in the long run.

Sudden power flows can cause power destruction in the electrical equipment, including power generators. AVR is the perfect tool to protect such sudden electrical streams by regulating their voltage. So, AVR is essential to control and regulate the power voltage of generators by protecting electrical products from surges, sags, or spikes. Even if there is a power outage, the Automatic voltage regulators ensure that the systems function without any hindrance. The quality of the AVR is also an important matter to consider, so make sure you get yours from a reputed automatic voltage regulator supplier.

Come let’s dive more about AVR!

Benefits of Automatic Voltage Regulator

With the right AVR integrated into your electrical equipment, you will not have to worry about power outages or malfunctioning of the system. The AVR thus protects the electric equipment from voltage variations by regulating the voltage supply to the appliances. Remember that AVR is not suitable for all types of appliances, it can only be used only for those equipments with electrical components that are susceptible to voltage fluctuations. For example, computers, refrigerators, LCD TV, video game consoles, and similar appliances. Most of the expensive appliances typically involve sensitive electronic components that are accountable to be managed by voltage variations. This is why it is very important that the credibility of the automatic voltage regulator suppliers should be checked. When you are investing in expensive appliances, they must function optimally, and without a hitch.

Different Types of AVR

There are mainly two types of AVRs: (1) Servo motor type and (2) Relay-type AVRs, so let’s explore each strength in detail:

  • Servo Motor Type AVR

Servo motor type AVR regulates and adjusts voltages through a carbon brush and motorised servo mechanisms. In comparison with the relay type AVR, a servo motor type claims a faster response time by producing the most exact form of output voltage. It is more expensive than a relay-type AVR which is used commonly in dental, medical, and laboratory equipment. As the best automatic regulator supplier, we at ATS deal with the finest quality servo motor type AVR for you!

  • Relay-type AVR

Relay-type AVR regulates the voltage of appliances by using an electronic circuit and set of transistors within a particular range of values. As compared to a servo motor-type AVR, Relay type AVR is less expensive, more compact, and lighter. You might feel a slight delay in voltage regulation, so we are recommending this type of AVR in computers, refrigerators, TV, and video game consoles.

Thus, an automatic voltage regulator is the best device to prevent voltage variations by regulating voltages without getting much damage to your appliance. Being the best automatic voltage regulator supplier, we are here to provide a comprehensive line for all our power generation equipment and accessories. We have been running successfully for over 50 years with more than 1000+ satisfied clients by providing them with the best quality products. If you are having any further queries related to AVR, just connect with us to know more about it and we will explain how having the right AVR can transform your business.