Common Generator Problems and How to Avoid Them

In order to properly power required equipment, generators must operate smoothly and efficiently. Like all electrical machinery, generators can occasionally malfunction. We must therefore be mindful of the potential problems with generators and get instant help from generator repairing Sharjah.

The information can either assist us in preventing the issue from arising in the first place or, at the very least, alert us to its existence.

Here in this blog we will see what some of the common generator problems are and how to avoid them.

  • Leaks

Leaks are the first issue that might occur with a generator. Although fuel, coolant, or oil leaks may occasionally occur with a generator, the good news is that most of the time they can be avoided by carrying out routine maintenance inspections. You’ll be able to identify these problems, as well as many more, by performing routine inspections on your unit.

Fuel leaks most frequently happen when the base tank is overfilled. This may occur as a result of a problem with the gasoline pump system or merely due to human mistake. To ensure appropriate fueling, it is essential to have a skilled maintenance specialist perform it.

  • Battery Failures

The most frequent problem with generators is battery failure. As batteries get older, they lose capacity and start to produce less and less power. Knowing how long your generator’s battery will last will help you determine when to replace it before it breaks down.

Before using your generator, always check to make sure the batteries, chargers, and any cables and connections leading to and from the battery are in good condition. Wipe and tighten connections frequently, and clean any sulfation accumulation from the battery plates.

  • Low Coolant

It’s possible that simple coolant depletion is the cause of your generator engine’s overheating. The fluid known as coolant distributes heat throughout the engine to prevent freezing or overheating of engine components, keeping your generator at the proper temperature.

The coolant acts to reduce the high temperatures that the generator’s engine generates. The water in the coolant evaporates over time due to repeated exposure to extremely high temperatures, resulting in low levels. Your engine can have the fluids it needs with routine maintenance, which includes fluid level checks.

  • Wet Stacking

When it comes to diesel generators, wet stacking is another type of fluid leak that reduces generator performance. When fluids like oil, unburned fuel, and condensed water accumulate in the exhaust system and leak out as a thick, dark material, it causes this problem.

A moist stacking problem can be resolved by burning off extra fuel. Monitoring exhaust temperatures, adding provisions for load bank testing, and paralleling generators are other ways to avoid wet stacking in the future. This problem typically only affects diesel generators, however it is frequently to blame when a diesel generator fails to operate at rated loads.

Generator Maintenance Company in UAE- ATS Generator

If you own a generator, you are aware of how important it is to always have it ready to go. Your productivity will increase if you know how to identify and address frequent problems.

You’ll also be able to tell when you’ll need the assistance of a qualified expert. At ATS Generator, we make sure that you get the best services for your generator repairing Sharjah, helping your generators to well without any malfunctioning.