Things To Know Before Buying a Diesel Generator

Construction companies depend on power, and once it stops, the whole work gets halted and backfired. So power generators are the backbone of any industry to make it keep going. Have you given a thought on, are there any factors to be dug to buy a diesel generator or anything would do? And here is the first thing to be noted, your diesel generator should have effective return on investment, thereby should not raise the expenses beyond a threshold. ATS electric generator TR.LLC is widely known as the best diesel generator suppliers in UAE has pooled the factors down to procure the custom effective diesel generators at your place.

What is a diesel generator?

Diesel generator uses diesel engine along with electric generator to generate electrical energy. During situations of power cuts, or in places where there is no power connection, a diesel generator is a saviour. It is used for emergency power supply. We are the best diesel generator suppliers in UAE, who is upgrading ourselves everyday to suffice the enlarging needs of the industries, and thereby provides, best quality diesel generators who will never betray during your wonderful occasions and your works at any point.

Diesel generators vary for its efficiency and excellence from size, model, designs etc. which enables you to procure the best diesel generator which will suffice your needs of the building or the place.

Diesel generators have become the staple of industries, irrespective of their work for innumerable reasons. Diesel generator is all places found essential from construction operations, data backup center, mining operations, backup power for hospitality industries like hotels and resorts, disaster planning, microgrid, or probably any industry that will enjoy 24/7 power supply.

There are number of factors that made diesel generators won the high competition in the field. Diesel generators are remarked for being less flammable than gas, produces greater energy density to volume ratio, and is renowned for its efficient consumption rates. When weighed the efficiency from its natural gas counterparts, diesel generators tend to burn less than half the amount of fuel.

Important things to know before buying a diesel generator:

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The first thing that you note down to buy a diesel generator is to decide upon its size that will secure your needs to be carried. To determine the perfect size of your generator, acknowledging the purpose is the easiest way. The industrial generators should mostly be large in size which will provide large amount of power supply for much longer period. While residential generators are small in size and tends to be ideal for households, small shops and offices which provides power up to a specific range.


Installing a diesel generator does not end the work, you parallelly needs to assure that you do not run out off the fuel. So the other important factors to be considered is to have proper on time fuel deliveries and storage regardless of the situations.


It is important to know the fuel consumption of the diesel generator to calculate the cost efficiency. Find the fuel consumption of generator per hour and per kva or kw beforehand.


To optimize the fuel consumption and performance of the generator concerning the load demand, power management systems will help you. Check out to have control and power management systems that will automatically transfer the power from the grid to the generator during power cut and vice versa, also displaying low fuel and other performance issues to increase the efficiency.

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