What Are The 3 Major Components of a Diesel Generator?

Diesel generators acts as Main Power Source, Prime Power (PRP) or Continuous Power (COP), or as a Backup Power Source, Standby Power (ESP) or Limited Time Power (LTP). They are installed mainly at places where sudden power cut and issues in electricity occur. They are necessary to be installed especially in properties where power cuts cannot be risked. Operated on diesel there are diverse types of diesel generators available in the market. They are installed at homes, schools, hospitals, factories etc. ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC, the leading diesel generator companies in UAE have different types of diesel generators. Top quality diesel generators are sold by us. Our excellent service and standard products have turned us into the most sought after diesel generator companies in UAE.

Diesel Engine

One of the most important parts of the generator, diesel engine converts the energy produced by the diesel fuel using the compression ignition into mechanical energy. The engine size differs according to the energy output required. Size and energy is directly proportional to each other. Diesel engines are also used in vehicles like cars and trucks. While looking for diesel generator suppliers in UAE, check with them the quality and specifications of the diesel engine.

Some major components of Diesel Engine include:

  • Oil System – This system comprise of oil pump and also oil filters. The oil system which is also known as the lubrication system as the name signifies lubricates the engine and helps the engine to work perfectly. It reduces the friction between the different parts of the engine.
  • Fuel System – It comprise of injectors, pipes, fuel injection pump etc.
  • Turbo Charger – It makes the engine powerful by compressing the combustion air.
  • Electrical System – It includes starter motor, alternator and battery.
  • The engines cooling system – It helps in keeping the engine and its parts safe from corrosion. It helps in maintaining the property of lubrication in oil. It maintains optimal temperature and eliminates excess heat.
  • Other components of the diesel engine include engine exhaust system, pistons, crank shaft, engine block, air filters, flywheel and many more.

AC Alternator

The AC alternator is another vital component of diesel generator which makes the generator work smoothly. It is manufactured using copper windings, electrical steel and low carbon steel. The electrical steel and copper windings are insulated to prevent the occurrence of short circuits. AC alternator converts the mechanical energy to the electrical energy. Along with battery the alternator generates the power required for the diesel generator.

Some components of alternator are:

  • Regulator – It regulates the voltage and distributes the amount of power from the alternator to the battery.
  • Rectifier- AC (Alternating Current) is converted to DC (Direct Current) by the rectifier.
  • Rotor – It works as spinning electromagnet through which the belt system works.
  • Other components of the alternator include – Slip Rings, Stator, Pulley, Drive End Bearing, Slip Ring End Bearing etc.

It is important to always keep in check the AC alternator. When you notice that the alternator is overheating, have a burning smell, displays frequent short circuits and condensation it may need to be corrected. Otherwise the whole system of the diesel generator goes down.

Control Panel

Control panel displays the details and parameters such as voltage, current, frequency etc while the generator is working. The control panel is the component which controls, monitor and helps in the management of the generator. It is important for the diesel generators to remain in the pre-set limits and control panel monitors it. Used along with the ATS panel for automatic failure operation, it can be employed for reading any Diagnostic Trouble Codes. It is utilized for starting and stopping the diesel generator. Control Panels can be automatic as well as manual.

The components of Control Panel include:

  • Circuit Breakers – Circuit Breakers is not present in all types of control panel. It breaks the power flow when sudden short-circuit or overload occurs.
  • Current Transformers – As the name implies it transforms high output current to low output current of the alternator.
  • Control Module and Terminal Rail are the other two components in the control panel.

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