Is Preventative Maintenance Necessary For Generators?

If you operate a business in a place prone to outages, then you should consider spending on a generator. Several customers tend to ignore the importance of generators up to the time they go through an outage. A generator may not work smoothly if it is left idle for an excessively long period. To confirm that you always have a reliable source of power, maintain your generator to keep it in good condition. As a generator maintenance company in UAE, we know how important preventive maintenance is for generators.

Preventive maintenance and frequent servicing play a big part in the condition of generators. If you operate a business in the UAE, it would be advisable to contact an expert to have your generator inspected to ensure optimal operation. Making comprehensive inspections requires profound expertise to confirm safety and accuracy. Generator maintenance technicians with those qualities can help eliminate risks for equipment failure during an electrical outage. Preventative maintenance can help ensure that your equipment works efficiently and properly and can extend its lifespan. Proper equipment operation can help confirm that your business operations run smoothly.

Read on this post to know some ways in which preventative maintenance from generator suppliers in Sharjah can lessen risk.

Identify Potential Problems Before Their Occurrence

Gradual damage or deterioration can happen to all forms of equipment. With preventative care for your generator, it is possible to find faults or errors before you should rely on the equipment during an electrical outage. Your generator may need an oil change or new filters to work correctly. Your wires might have to be replaced when these have gotten corroded. There are other potential issues with a generator. Preventative maintenance can help confirm that your generator has sufficient fuel supply for its functioning. As a generator maintenance company in UAE, we are aware that neglecting the aforementioned issues might lead to equipment failure.

Improve Its Performance

Maintain your generator properly since it can make the performance of the equipment unit better on the whole. Ensure that your generator gets enough fuel, oil and lubricant because it can help it perform as well as possible. This can ensure that all generator parts work smoothly and properly with the least damage or deterioration. Without preventative maintenance, you run the risk of damaging the piece of equipment or searching for generator spare parts suppliers in UAE unnecessarily.

Increase Its Lifespan

With the least damage through ordinary use over time thanks to preventative maintenance, you could boost the lifespan of your diesel generator. Take precautions to confirm that all the required supplies and equipment are available with your generator and that the product operates properly. The above precautionary steps can help ensure that your generator operates with maximum efficiency, which can help expand its life. If it operates efficiently, then you would not need to replace your generator or look for generator spare parts suppliers in UAE as often.

Final Thoughts

Generators could serve your business for quite a while according to how well it is maintained or serviced. Whichever generator type you have, it will have similar servicing and maintenance routines. Nevertheless, it pays to hire a technician of a generator maintenance company in UAE to handle complicated issues as part of periodic servicing.

Diesel Generators Safety Tips And Precautionary Measures

As one of the best diesel generator companies in UAE, we love to highlight the usefulness of a generator at industrial, commercial or residential environments. You can rely on the product to keep machines running when a power outage occurs. It is important to handle your genset at home or in your factory with care. Why? Because not doing so can bring about a dangerous accident there. Therefore, as one of the best generator suppliers in Sharjah, we will discuss some safety and precautionary measures to take to avert an accident and injuries for genset users.

Avoiding Enclosed Spaces For A Genset

A generator emits plenty of harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide (CO) to name one. Running it within a confined area invites the possibility of inhaling carbon monoxide, which is potentially dangerous because CO can cause severe injuries or even death. By enclosed spaces, we are referring to basements, spaces under staircases, garages, and so forth. There have to be around 6 to 7.5 meters between the generator and your building. When using this appliance in your clean-up business space, having a CO detector is important as an extra safety measure. Keep reading this blog from your go-to generator maintenance company in UAE for more tips.

Place Its Power Cords Cautiously

Any diesel generator companies in UAE worth their salt should know that several accidents happen as individuals trip over generator power cords. When one trips over the cords, it can make the plugs loose or detached, which can damage your generator outlet. With this possibility in mind, we would recommend installing warning flags or covering the wires with cable covers to keep people from walking right into the generator’s path.

Cover The Appliance

Moisture is not good for a generator. Therefore, keep your generator covered when not in use. Likewise, have a generator set container to cover this appliance when you use it too. Thus, it is possible to lessen noise pollution.

As one of the leading generator spare parts suppliers in UAE, we would not recommend placing the equipment around areas that contain stagnant water. In the event of placing it there, electrical shock occurrences would be likely. One of the factors that can damage your generator considerably is the process of water seeping into its parts. As a generator maintenance company in UAE, we are aware that this can make the machine rusty and can contribute to short circuits.

Avoid Overloading Your Generator

Using the appliance to an excessive degree can play a part in overheated electrical outlets, blown fuses, damaged diodes and so forth. It can bring about fire too. When you use a diesel generator or LPG generator, that accidental fire can have a wide range of effects. This means it is important to not only buy the right product from diesel generator companies in UAE but also use it properly.

While a generator may be your most useful asset, it can quickly become the source of your worst nightmare according to how you or your staff treats it. As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry, so follow these tips from one of the best diesel generator companies in UAE market.

Know More about Deep Sea Electronics Generator Controllers

UK-based company Deep Sea Electronics produces a wide range of products, including generator controllers. There are diesel generator control modules from several brands in the market, and what DSE offers are among the most prevalent products. DSE has a big distribution network that allows it to sell the products in more than 150 nations, including the United Arab Emirates. There are several Deep Sea Electronics generator controller UAE distributors that carry the products in different specifications.

How to Extend Life of Generator

Using generator control modules can also play a part in making a diesel generator longer lasting. These products are a form of programmable logic controllers utilized for monitoring and controlling diesel generator parameters, like voltage, frequency and so forth, and offering protective functions for the generator. In a nutshell, the functions are offered to stop catastrophic diesel generator failures.

Usually, the PLCs must start the diesel generator engine, monitor many different protections for the generator as well as display warnings or turn off the engine when a protection is beyond a predefined range. Almost all control module producers offer an array of products, the costlier and more advanced of which have not only broader protections but also functions to fit more advanced uses. Many generator suppliers in Sharjah carry the products of the common brands in stock, including those of Deep Sea Electronics.

Generator Operation

DSE offers generator control modules in different series for a wide range of applications, from stand-alone applications to paralleling options, manual to automatic startup. When multiple generators run with the same frequency, phase difference and voltage, it can boost their capacity, active load management, and the ease with which they can be maintained. The generators are connected parallelly with a method known as paralleling. DSE offers control modules that can be used in the parallel operation.

Main Causes of Generator Failure

Even reliable generators do not start at some time for a number of reasons. For instance, the generator battery can fail because of lead sulfate accumulation, which impacts its capability to offer enough current. In this case, it is important to use a new generator battery in place of the damaged one. On the other hand, fuel leaks that tend to occur due to a pump system issue can contribute to the failure thereof.

Coolant issues are another factor in the problem. Generator coolants can start deteriorating over time, which possibly contributes to the failure of the equipment. Coolants keep the generator engine from becoming too hot than desired. Low coolant levels also contribute to the issue. Fortunately, there are generator control modules with features, including low coolant level warning, that help users to identify the underlying factors in generator failures. Many brands offer such feature-rich products, including DSE. If you want to use these kinds of equipment for your property, you may contact Deep Sea Electronics generator controller UAE distributors as well.

The products of DSE are useable with software, which can be downloaded for free from the internet unlike generator controllers of many other brands.

Working of Automatic Voltage Regulator

The term AVR refers to an electronic product that can automatically maintain the terminal voltage for a generator at a preset value. The electronic device would try to do the said task if the generator operating temperature or load changes. That means it works to regulate variations in voltage for a reliable and constant power supply. With no AVR, voltage could spike, surge or sag, thus damaging electrical equipment. Automatic voltage regulator suppliers in UAE, too, have various products for you to pick from. Therefore, it is potentially difficult to make the choice that suits your business equipment loads. Knowing how the device works and what its features are can help you with the purchase.

In What Way Does This Device Work?

An AVR can sense the voltage coming from the terminals of a generator, and it can compare the same to a stable voltage reference, thereby controlling the equipment’s output voltage. Then, the so-called error signal, a voltage type, is utilized for adjusting the generator field current through an increase or reduction in the flow of current to a component called exciter stator. Then, the said generator component leads to a higher or lower electromotive force at the primary stator terminals. Now, we will discuss the features of the products available with automatic voltage regulator suppliers in UAE or elsewhere.

How To Pick An AVR

All automatic voltage regulators appear similar, but these vary slightly in color and size. Nevertheless, all of these products have comparable features. The following list of AVR features can help you to discover the product that suits your application. Therefore, be sure of keeping these in mind when doing business with any of the generator suppliers in Sharjah as well.

Voltage Regulation

There would be optimum voltage regulation if the voltage value is the same as every electrical equipment load. As a generator maintenance company in UAE, we know that many things can impact voltage regulation. Some of these factors are cable and wire type and size, transformer reactance, motor starter, power factor and circuit design. Irrespective of these possible obstacles, the regulation of voltage must be capable of being adjusted to a ±1% accuracy. This requirement would remove voltage unbalance issues in a three-phase generator system while minimizing voltage deviations.

Input Voltage Range (IVR)

Specifying your IVR is among the first few steps in choosing the right product from one of the automatic voltage regulator suppliers in UAE too. The IVR should be shifted and broad, since line voltages come down to a greater extent than these go up. This feature enables low voltage correction to a greater degree, as opposed to high correction. Besides, it allows making the electronic device more capable of being configured to any boost or buck function.

Voltage Accuracy

Improving voltage level accuracy is the main task of an AVR. So, you should consider the optimum level of accuracy for your specific application when doing business with any automatic voltage regulator suppliers in UAE as well. The accuracy factor depends on how much critical load you require. Usually, an AVR functions in a circuit, where it is impossible to achieve voltage regulation by altering the conductor size.


In applications with big concerns about voltage impulses, transients and spikes, it is vital to deem transient suppression a critical characteristic. More characteristics than the above-mentioned are vital for an AVR to work reliably, especially in a demanding application. So, remember all of these and more features when working with any generator spare parts suppliers in UAE too.

How to detect tower light failure easily?

The companies with the tower sites depend on the monitoring of their infrastructure. Tower lights are carefully monitored by the technicians that are responsible for the electrical equipment.

Tower light suppliers in UAE have expert technicians driving through the different locations for physical verification of the installed tower lights. In case of any failure, there would be nothing known till there the tower lights stop working or a mishap might completely turn it off. There are many practical cases through which the suppliers undergo for making your lights in a state of working condition. The monitoring technology makes it easy to detect the outages or the issues leading to such problems.

The main voltage stabilizer supplier in UAE has detected the ways to detect the tower light failures and what could be done to prevent them:

Reasons for causing Tower Light Outages

It is essential to recognize the common causes of these major issues to make plans for handling the tower light outages:

Power outages: The primary reason for a tower light outage is the failure of the power supply at the tower site. If there is not a reliable backup power supply, the complete site will get dark.
Power supply backup failure: Power loss could be there on any site. There are redundant backup systems but when it is not clear about taking them over, there would be no way to interfere. When the backup system fails, the tower light outages can’t be controlled.

It is the primary need to keep on monitoring the power solutions and the battery backups with the visibility over the battery conductance, resistance, temperature, and voltage. There are some key indications for giving the warning for battery deterioration and that can be avoided by keeping a check over the battery systems.

If you do not have the remote monitoring systems for keeping a check at your tower sites, the system would be at a risk to get faulty with the issues like power outages or backup failures.

Tower Site Failure Threats

A reliable tower light supplier in UAE gives you the appropriate option that regular monitoring is not the most preferred option. You need to protect your company from the major threats that could occur to the tower sites. These high locations are hazardous to the aircraft. Some threats might affect day-to-day operations and the problems that might arise from the tower sites with lesser or no monitoring at all.

In case of tower light failure, it becomes dangerous to the low flying aircraft. There are high fines implied for not informing Federal Communications Commission or Federal Aviation Administration within 30 minutes for the tower light fault. In case of a failure, there could be a huge fine implied for the same. There could be a backup done in fixing the outages. The customers might have to choose another provider for the case of chronic downtime or servicing outages.

Remote Monitoring Systems installed for Detection of tower light failures

Antenna towers are alarming and there are some threats faced at the sites. The outages affect the daily operations and increase the chances of liability and imposition of fines. A quality tower light remote monitoring is a solution for the same.

RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit) is the beginning point of the monitoring system available 24/7. The previous monitoring systems were expensive and could cause failures with power outages and lightning damages. Previously, the generators repairing in Sharjah and UAE was quite common for the backup systems but RTUs have added a high value to the tower networks.

What to look for in the Tower Light Monitoring Remote Telemetry Unit?

It is important to deploy the advanced gearing system, it is essential to deploy the advanced gear system. You need to monitor your system for reliable visibility of tower lights. You need to select a device featuring these practices:

1) Quick and detailed notifications: Your monitoring system requires actionable and detailed notifications for preventing tower light issues. The complete visibility over tower lights is important and the workers need to speed up the repairing time to assure better uptime. The monitoring system must be reachable 24X7 and RTU must give regular notifications.
2) Analysis of trend: RTUs can help in the quickest resolution of the problems leading to the tower light outages. Analyzing the trend is important and examination of network data can identify the conditions that you can’t see by viewing the alarming events in resolution. It can encourage the causes and eliminates them. Trend analysis can work on prevention of tower light outages before they even occur.
3) Web interface: Web interfaces provided by RTUs allow for alarm information access from any workstation on the network. RTU is a handy tool for improving remote sites’ visibility. The interface given has to be password protected to ensure important data security.
4) Derived controls: Derived alarms can occur when there is a failure event occurring. Power failure, low battery, and system outages are critical alarms. Derived controls are the automated responses to the alarm combinations and there are measures undertaken for correction of network threats within seconds.
5) Alternative path reporting: Alternative data path is essential for effective remote monitoring to get into action if the primary data path gets any failure.


Tower lights monitoring is not easy. There are many aspects considered and the correct equipment is taken for your application. Al Taqah is a renowned Tower light supplier in UAE with a presence all over the globe. We have the most cost-effective solutions with the best quality tower-light systems. We are the best generator maintenance company in Sharjah and UAE catering to all the requirements of the customers.

There are many different types of lighting solutions available with different levels of efficiency and safety. The important considerations need to be looked at for making the choice. You can get assistance for the installation of the tower lights for area selection, mounting options, buzzer alarm, and other requirements from our experts. Feel free to contact for any requirements.

Repairing and maintaining tips for your generator

It is possible that you find yourself with the need to repair your generator set unexpectedly, either because when you bought it you were imprudent not to contract its maintenance, or because you bought it second-hand without the due guarantees and now it does not work for you. In any case, a faulty generator is a serious problem and the best option is to hire a professional company for generators repairing Sharjah at affordable prices.
Like everything in life, experience coupled with professionalism is the best guarantee of success when repairing your equipment. To be able to repair generators properly it is necessary to hire a professional having knowledge in mechanical, electrical, and electronic fields.

The most frequent breakdowns

The generator is not starting properly, frequent shutdowns, oil on the floor (lubricant or fuel leak) are some of the common symptoms of a faulty generator. However, there are other symptoms that need your attention, so that you can call the best generator maintenance company in UAE at right time.

  • The starter motor does not turn and does not start the engine. It is very possible that the battery is discharged.
  • Lack of fuel or engine failure: hoses and valves will need to be checked.
  • High voltage in vacuum: The machine is running at excessive speed.
  • Low no-load voltage: The generator is running at low speed, probably due to a fault in the alternator.
  • The starting voltage is correct but low with the loads.
  • Unstable tension: it may be due to a damaged power reader, or a fault in the engine.
  • Excess noise inside the equipment: it can be due to multiple reasons.
  • The alternator is not excited: This will occur if the no-load voltage is 20-30% below nominal.
  • Load voltage lower than nominal: If the load voltage is between 50 and 70% of the nominal, it is likely that the motor speed is not adequate.
  • The engine gets too hot: it will be necessary to check the cooling liquid, air passage through the radiator, the fan belts, the thermostat, the air filter, the intake pipes and the injection pump.
  • Sudden stop of the engine: It will be necessary to check the fuel circuit and the operation of the stop solenoid valve.
  • Exhaust smoke too white or light gray. This could be due to low engine temperature, faulty injectors, and excess oil consumption.
  • Black or dark gray exhaust smoke: check the air filters, the quality of the fuel, the injection pump, the correct compression of the engine, etc.

So, these are the most common symptoms that a faulty generator may have. However, the good news is that now you can hire generators repairing Sharjah services online at affordable prices. No matter the problem, you will get 100% repairing guarantee.

How to extend life of generator?

All equipment has an estimated useful life that may increase or decrease depending on how we use the equipment. Electric generators do not escape this reality because with care, constant maintenance and knowing their operation in detail, you will be able to extend their useful life to the maximum. However, it is always recommended to hire professionals for generators repairing Sharjah. Most manufacturers advise to carry out inspections and preventive maintenance actions every three months.

Know your team: Before starting any action that benefits your electric generator, you need to know how it works and for this you have the manufacturer’s manual. Read the manual properly.

Location affects performance: We are talking about equipment that emits smoke and gives off heat. So you must install it 1 meter away from any other equipment. Also make sure the ground is level.

Checking the fluid levels: There are two elements that are basic for the operation of your generator: the fuel and the oil level. You should always check them before turning it on.

Keep filters clean: In the basic structure we find the air filter, the oil filter and the fuel filter. All must be clean periodically.

Change the auxiliary element belts on time. Buy any spare parts from the genuine generator spare parts suppliers in UAE.

Do not forget the windings: This is a piece that maintains the insulation of the equipment. You should keep the area moisture free.


You don’t know how to repair an electric generator or generator set?

These are modern electrical appliances that require experienced technicians with high knowledge of machinery for their repair. In the event of any anomaly in the normal operation of these devices, the best alternative is to turn to professionals specialized in the generators repairing Sharjah. On the other hand, to preserve the electrical generators in optimal conditions, it is advisable to carry out preventive maintenance.

With a good maintenance of generator sets you will ensure their continuous and correct operation in normal or emergency circumstances, you will avoid the most common incidents and you will increase their useful life. If you are thinking of buying a generator online, get in touch with the best generator suppliers in Sharjah now.

All you need to know about Switchgear: Working and Types

A generator is a device capable of supplying electrical energy during a power outage, to avoid the discontinuity of daily activities in industry, commerce or at home. There are generators with different electrical and physical configurations, according to their different applications. An electrical generator is a device that converts mechanical energy obtained from an external source into electrical energy as an output. Modern generators work on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

Regardless of the size of your business, investing in a power generator to keep it running in the event of a power outage is always a good decision. In buildings under construction, where the electricity grid has not yet been connected, electric generators are often the only source of energy available to be able to work. Generators also need periodical maintenance. If you need emergency generator maintenance or repairing service, you can buy genuine parts from the best generator spare parts suppliers in UAE  at affordable prices.

Installation of switch gear system

Switchgear is mainly composed of electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers, to control and distribute the electrical energy. The installation of the electrical panel is a service that brings countless benefits for companies and industries that decide for this option. With the main objective of bringing automation to the controls, the installation of the electrical switchgear panel by the best electric switch gear companies in UAE,  contributes to a better productivity and helps to improve the processes, besides allowing the execution of complex tasks.

All of these commands are carried out safely with the installation of the panel since their placement is made to avoid short circuits that can cause serious accidents and also compromise the production and tasks of the site. The installation of the switchgear panel also ensures that the machines of a company or industry are correctly fed with electrical energy, also contributing to the production having a higher yield. With agility, competence and competitive prices as the main focus of service, ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC, one of the leading switch gear manufacturing companies in UAE, offers its customers pre-sales service with the visit of an engineer and after-sales by telephone contact or engineer return when necessary. In addition, its services have a warranty.

What are the types of Types of switchgears?

Earlier, switchgears were introduced only in power station applications. The knife type switches installed on the panels were made of asbestos or marble. As the technology grows, switchgears become an essential part in electrical field. However, as technology grows, the knife type switches have become more advanced. Now the switchgear panels have integrated circuit breakers to prevent shock.

As part of the technological evolution, switchgears are now installed on residential emergency generators, besides industries and corporate sectors, such as hospitals, aerospace facilities, data centres and other industries that require continuous power. The types of switchgears made by electrical switch gear companies in UAE are Low voltage switchgear, Medium voltage switchgear and High voltage switchgear.

electrical switch gear companies in UAE 

What elements make up the switchgear panel?

It is important that you know that every panel installed must have two mandatory and extremely important devices. They are Power Control Switch (it is the switch that is located next to the General Control and Protection Panel), and General Control and Protection Panel (it is the box where all the safety, protection and distribution devices of the electrical installation are located). Automatic General Switch is responsible for protecting the system from overloads and short circuits. The Differential Switch is of great importance within the switchgear panel since it acts by disconnecting the electrical installation in the event of an earth leakage.

In this way it protects you against indirect contacts. Small Automatic Switches have the function of protecting the conductors that make up the different independent circuits against overloads and short circuits. The number of PIAs installed will depend on the facilities and devices you have. Surge Protector mainly prevents your electrical devices from being damaged by a power surge regardless of the origin. In case of emergency support or sudden break down, it is recommended to hire professional generator Maintenance Company in UAE at affordable prices.

Why use an automatic transfer switch?

Installing a generator ATS panel means that the generator does not need to be switched on manually once the mains power supply has failed. They are must when essential electrical hardware needs to have a continuing power supply and a back-up generator is the only option. Residential properties with a domestic power supply and a backup generator can also benefit from generator change over switches to keep the lights on when there is a power cut. This is a very good option for isolated properties. Modern range and higher specification ATS panels made by the electrical switch gear companies in UAE use the latest microprocessor control modules to enhance and provide maximum functionality.


The generators are used as emergency mechanisms to guarantee the electricity supply in the event of a cut in the main electrical network, either due to a failure, accident or as a consequence of some type of natural disaster. In this sense, the ATS are essential. It is a system that detects when there is an interruption in the electricity supply and that automatically activates the generator set. In this way, the user does not have to be aware of connecting the device manually, but it is directly activated thanks to the ATS. Likewise, the ATS detects again when the main electrical network has been re-established and shuts down the equipment.

How to Extend Life of Your Switch Gears?

switchgear-manufacturing companies in UAE

Switchgear is an electrical tool used to control the electricity flow into an electrical system. The devices and hidden equipment are used for the same purposes, to prevent overloads and short circuits and to de-energize circuits for testing and maintenance. Circuit breakers and fuses, which stop the power flow from getting too high, and power switches, which exchange electricity sources from primary to a secondary source, for example, access to power generation when power is shut down, are the most common types of switchgear.

The switch must serve as a transmission, formation, and division of the normal load current. Furthermore, the defect current must be visible, which depends on the application, is used for sensing devices such as current transformers, future transformers, and various types of relays. In addition, there must be calculation, control, and data, using innumerable devices for switching purposes.

It may include disconnectors, current transformers, potential transformers, measuring devices, switches, fuses, MCB’s, emergency arresters, isolators, and a variety of systems.

Features of Switchgear

Complete Reliability

The ongoing interconnection trend and rising capability of power plants have given priority to the need for reliable switchgear.

Unsurprisingly, the power system is added to increase reliability. If a fault occurs on any portion of the power grid, the faulted segment of the remaining circuit must be isolated.

Certain Discrimination

If any power system segment has a malfunction, the switchgear needs to be able to differentiate between the damaged section and the safe section.

The defective section should be isolated from the device without affecting the safe segment. This ensures the consistency of delivery.

Quick Functionality

If any aspect of the power system is defaulting, the switching equipment must be worked rapidly so that the short circuit current does not harm generators, transformers, or other equipment.

It can spread to safe sections if the fault is not removed rapidly, thereby endangering the complete system shutdown

Manual Monitoring Provisions

Manual control must be provided for switchgear by switchgear-manufacturing companies in UAE. In the event that the electric (or electronic) control fails, manual control may be used to perform the required operation.

How to Extend the Life of Your Switchgear

Aging switchgear can impact reliability and financial losses negatively on the continuity of services in industrial facilities.

In particular, the protection of workers may be affected. According to Contingency Planning Research, in addition to possible threats to human lives, downtime costs have now been measured in million dollars/hour.

The life span of the switchgear depends mainly on how massive the load is and how many switching cycles are there. The reference to the number of operations is typically made rather than a cycle with the electromechanical switchgear since the aging depends primarily on stress and less on the on and off phase between switching.

Following are some life extension tips to enhance electrical reliability.

Perform Infrared Inspections

Thermal imaging (infrared) is a helpful tool that can be performed while the equipment is energized, but not a replacement for a maintenance program. If performed safely and correctly, loose bus connections can be detected by infrared inspection until they result in a complete or partial outage of equipment. To fix the defined issue, maintenance can be arranged by switchgear-manufacturing companies in UAE. The installation of infrared viewing windows enables infrared inspections to be conducted easily and safely.

Exercise Circuit Breakers Annually

Manually operating circuit breakers once a year is a basic but very precious activity. This guarantees clean contacts and free flow of organizational mechanisms.

Do not ignore the recommended maintenance

Cleaning, inspections, tightening, lubricating and regular exercising of the switchgear are necessary. The Diesel generator suppliers in UAE determine the maintenance frequency by operating conditions. The isolation, conductive materials, and protective equipment shall be degraded at an accelerated pace with moisture and heat combined with dirt, dust, and other environmental contaminants.>

Recondition the Equipment

In-house retrofitting shall be a more intensive repair alternative for circuit breakers if on-site maintenance work does not permit the circuit breaker to comply with tolerances as specified by current industry standards. First, the circuit breaker is assessed against ANSI requirements and then disassembled, cleaned, and inspected completely. Damaged components are reworked or removed and pivot points are refurbished before the reassembly of the circuit interrupter. The reconditioned circuit breaker is checked against ANSI requirements, including the new assemblies.

Keep Strong Records and Pattern Performance

Where maintenance tests are not used to monitor circuit breaker efficiency, deterioration in isolation and moving components could become unknown. Without design tolerance, switchgear components can still be used for a long time. The tracking of test data provides a better picture of the life expectancy of equipment and contributes to the emphasis on repair areas.

Upgrade the Equipment

The developments in circuit breaker designs can no longer be viewed as sustainable alternatives for those with older technology. The switchgear lineup may be substituted to take advantage of advanced technologies. A cheaper option would be to keep the switchgear and bus structure in place and update the current equipment with the new state-of-the-art interrupters.

Outsource Preventive Maintenance Via a Long-Term Service Agreement

All of the required service activities for a distribution system can be carried out by very few electrical maintenance or contracting firms.

A professional electrical engineer may help plant management by selecting a qualified electrical maintenance contractor to establish a maintenance and frequency service agreement.

This means that maintenance is not neglected and uniform working areas are used for the entire period of the contract.

Use Predictive Tools for Maintenance

In order to prevent impending failures, online monitoring tools can also be provided in addition to tendency test data that can be analyzed for the provision of equipment life and maintenance needs.

Online monitoring systems of switchgear-manufacturing companies in UAE work constantly and benefit from the recognition of conditions unable to be observed during one-time inspections.

Perform a short circuit analysis and a time study

If there is no proper shortening rate for switchgear components, the equipment and the surrounding area could be catastrophically damaged. A short circuit analysis determines whether the switchgear is correctly rated. The teamwork analysis will also have to be revised. Coordinated circuit breaker settings can prevent the switchgear from unnecessary interruptions of defects, which a downstream device should have interrupted.

As an industry leader in electronics equipment such as circuit breakers, switchgear, motor controls, transformers, relays, and other electrical equipment, ATS Electrical Generator TR. LLC one of the leading switchgear-manufacturing companies in UAE has experienced tremendous growth. All our systems have been tested to OEM and industrial requirements. Our team of engineers and technicians is dedicated to providing high-quality products to customers.

Types Of Switch Gear In Electrical System

Before searching for electrical switch gear companies in UAE, you must get knowledge about this segment. Switchgear is the apparatus used to control, regulate, and turn on/off the electrical circuit in the electrical power system. The examples of switchgear devices are:

  • Circuit breaker
  • Control panel
  • Power switches
  • Fuses
  • Relays
  • Potential and current transformer
  • Isolator
  • Lightning arresters

Electrical switch gear companies in uAE
The switchgear manufacturing companies in UAE produce the best systems for installation at home or commercial buildings. The main power supply of any place consists of the whole switchgear system. It is placed on the low and high voltage side of the transformer. It is majorly used for de-energization of the equipment for maintenance, testing, or fault clearance.

In case of any fault occurring in the power system, there could be a chance of heavy current flowing through the device due to which it has a higher chance to get damaged. This interrupts the services and hence, the line gets interrupted. There are many ways to protect the generators, transformers, lines, and other electrical equipment from automated damage protection devices or simply, switchgear devices.

The automated protective switchgear consists of two parts:

Relay: This comes into operation when the fault occurs in any section of the system

Circuit breaker: The closure of the circuit for disconnection or breaking occurs for the faulty section
The protective switchgear can interrupt the faulty segment and the healthy section continues working in the usual mode without any interruption or damaging any equipment. The generators repairing in Sharjah is done by the experts to deal with any issues in the circuits and there is a complete change in the switchgear by the generator maintenance company in UAE.

Types of Switchgear

Switchgear power systems can differ as per the factors such as system location, power requirement, and the necessary security. There are different types of switchgear power systems with their characteristics and the switch gear manufacturing companies in UAE produce the most effective type of systems for various uses.

There are mainly two types of switchgear:

  • Outdoor type: It is used for voltage over 66 kV. Due to the higher voltage, the building work gets a redundant increase in installation costing due to the large space between the conductor and the huge size of the insulators.
  • Indoor type: It is used for voltage levels below 66 kV. There is no difficulty in providing the building work for the switchgear at optimum costing. The electrical switch gear companies in UAE manufacture indoor switchgear that is metallic and compact. Due to this reason, there is a reduction in the safety clearance for operation and hence, there is a lesser requirement of the area.

There are Gas-Insulated switchgear systems available now that are insulated by the pressurized sulfur hexafluoride gas. There are other types also available, such as vacuum and oil-insulated switchgear and these are used differently for various purposes.

How does switchgear work?

Switchgear includes the electrical disconnect switches, circuit breakers, and fuses for controlling and protecting the isolated electrical equipment. It can de-energize the equipment for allowing the work to be done and clear the faults.

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Indoor Switchgear Introduction

In general, switchgear is a comprehensive term used for the unit with combinational metering equipment types and a protective control as a whole. There can be various types of devices developed by the switchgear manufacturing companies in UAE that are used in different types of applications. There could be rail traction, motor protection, feeder protection, measurements, and other applications that are done with indoor switchgear. The switchgear installed at the electrical power substation can handle the functions, such as incoming feeder connectivity, switching the capacitor banks, control, and monitoring, measuring voltage and current, storage in a battery, etc.

The switchgear system has a direct linkage to the power supply system. It is placed at the low and high voltage sides of any power transformer. The purpose could be for testing, maintenance, or fault clearing of the equipment. Switchgear can be different as per the voltage levels and economical scope. The indoor switchgear is mainly used for medium voltages and is also termed as Mid-Voltage (MV Switchgear). It is enclosed in the metallic grounded enclosures with voltage levels from 3 – 36 kV (the range of medium voltages). The voltages higher than 36 kV can be employed as high voltages. The majority of the electrical switch gear companies in UAE work for indoor switchgear and we shall be discussing the indoor switchgear options in this article.

Indoor Switchgear Design

In comparison to the outdoor switchgear, the indoor variant mainly has GIS technology (Gas Insulated System) instead of the air-insulated system. GIS applies to the high-cost of lands and the areas with a lot of dust and corrosive environment. The arrangement of switchgear is enclosed in the well-grounded metallic enclosure on all the sides along with the openings aimed at inspection and ventilation. The units are insulated in a gaseous environment. Sulfur Hexafluoride gas (SF6) is preferred in this case for insulation with its dielectric properties. The dielectric strength of SF6 is much higher than that of air (3 times higher). The metallic enclosure provides a safe environment in comparison to the outdoor system.

The metal enclosure has two categories of indoor switchgear in terms of metal partitioning and switching methods:

1) Metal-enclosed indoor switchgear

This switchgear arrangement has the metallic sheets enclosed on all the sides with the primary interrupting equipment and fuses with all the equipment pieces encased in the centralized assembly. The access to the interior of the enclosure is provided by the doors and the removable coverings.

2) Metal Clad Switchgear

This switchgear type has the circuit breakers as the vacuum type and can be withdrawn from the original place. The grounded metallic barriers separately isolate the relaying and metering instruments. The main bus continuous ratings are 1.2 kA, 2 kA, 3 kA, and 4 kA with the voltage levels in the range of 4.76-38 kV.

Generally, all the metallic-clad switch gears are enclosed with metal but all the metal-enclosed do not come in the category of metal-clad switchgear. The advantages of metal-clad switchgear are much more than metal-enclosed switchgear. The metal-clad option can be easily customized as per the requirements and the best switch gear manufacturing companies in UAE could make attempts to do the needful as per the need of the clients. There is a pre-built to a customized range of indoor switchgear available that could be highly beneficial for the different uses.

indoor electrical switch gear companies in UAE

Benefits of Indoor Switchgear

In comparison to the outdoor switchgear, there are indoor electrical switch gear companies in UAE defining the advantages of indoor switchgear over the other available options. Here are some advantages listed for the indoor switchgear:

  • Lesser space requirements than outdoor systems
  • Lower maintenance and operative costs
  • Higher reliability and safety
  • Secured and consistent
  • Lower operational cost
  • Reduced electrocuting risks due to the grounded metallic enclosures
  • Durable systems
  • Less environmental risk factors

Drawbacks of Indoor Switchgear

Despite having several positive points, the major disadvantage of Indoor switchgear, as mentioned by the tower light suppliers in UAE is that these come with the higher costs of installation. The economic factors play an important role and there is a high cost involved in the installation of the indoor switchers. The outdoor system or the air-insulated system becomes a choice for many for cost-effective choices. However, there are some diesel generator suppliers in UAE giving the most reliable and pocket-friendly solutions for the indoor switchgear.

Indoor switchgear system arrangements are more secured and reliable in comparison to the outdoor ones. However, the cost could be higher but ultimately, it is a better choice. It can even withstand severe weather conditions and works well in every atmosphere. The high voltage levels and economic factors are something to consider for indoor switchgear systems. Rest, all is just perfect with the indoor variant.


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