How cold weather affects a generator and how to prevent it?

Before the arrival of winters, generator maintenance company in UAE can be contacted to know about the affects of cold weather and winds on the generator. There are many considerations and preventions to follow so that the cold weather doesn’t leave the generator in a bad condition. There could be loss of light and heat with the generators having hand-on capability for resolution of power outages. Electric failure or malfunction can be resolved with the right guidance taken from the generator suppliers in Sharjah.

Some of the common problems

CO poisoning: This is the major problem during cold season. The houses are closed up in winters and most of the problems occur due to the improper use of space heaters. There is improper use of generators that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning that can be deadly. You must never operate your generator in your home, even if it is basement or garage area. It must be at least 10 feet away from any vents, windows and doors. The installation of carbon monoxide detectors can be taken from generator spare parts suppliers in UAE in living areas to detect the formation of this hazardous gas.

Shock hazards: The generators are used in rainy and snowy weather also. Although, UAE never encounters such problems but the risks could be caused due to the winds. It is important to store your generator under a covered area, in a portable canopy, carport, or open-sided shed and make sure that the ground over which it is placed is completely dry. There should be no water pit and you must make sure that the generator is grounded well and whenever you’re operating it, you must be wearing shoes.

Power cord issues: Many people use extension wiring for running the generators and it is quite hazardous. You get a risk of falling and tripping of wires that could even run through the home. You must run a cord through cracked window, seal the space with duct tape to prevent fumes from entering the space. The generator can be placed far away from the window and the cords can be plugged with power switch in off mode. The generator can be turned on after the cords go in the place. All the cords can be inspected by the generator maintenance company in UAE and you must consider it as an important point to avoid shortages and shocks.

Generators can be lifesavers: It is not convenient and possible to run life without electric power. Generators are beneficial for ensuring that you get the winter safety with adequate light and power being supplemented through these heavy machines meant to provide power. This supplementary equipment can bring you towards a quality life but maintaining it on regular basis by experts is mandatory for getting ease in life.

Improper installation of portable generators: Some people prefer portable generators as they create serious risks for the users. Improper installation of generators could create serious risks for the users. The instruction manual for operating the generators must be checked out and even the assistance of experts could be taken to understand the appropriate usage. Never use a portable generator in an enclosed area and there should be no combustible materials placed near your generator area for safety.


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