Can a Light Tower be used as a Generator?

Generators are an ideal source of alternate electric supply, which distributes electricity to houses, business outlets and commercial facilities. There are classifications based on the fuel source, output voltage and power level. They can be used to provide back-up and redundancy at times when there is a power outage of the utility power.

Currently, standby generators and portable generators are popular because with the updated versions, everyone finds it’s easy to maintain their electrical appliances and essential systems when there is a power outage.

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What are Tower Lights?

Tower Lights is a type of signal light used in process control environments and industrial manufacturing to indicate a machine’s visual & audible status for the industrial production team. You can see multiple indicator lights on the structure with lighting modules of Green, Red and Yellow. Each colored light symbolizes specific process. There is a sound module connected to the light tower. These are often referred to as signal tower lights, warning lights, indicator lights, industrial signal lights and light towers. Use the best quality industrial tower lights from Al Taqah Tower Light Supplier in UAE.

Can Light Towers be used as a Generator?

A lighting component attached to a diesel generator forms a Light Tower. These can act as an additional power source in addition to the main source. Therefore most of the Tower Lights can be utilized for power generation in addition to the use as a light source. But this is not a recommended option as wet stacking can occur at times and the unburned fuel expels as exhaust. So we can say, using Tower lights as generators is inefficient and shorten the life of the Tower Lights.

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