Common Misconceptions about Generator Maintenance

A generator is a powerful and durable piece of equipment. When looking to purchase it from generator suppliers in Sharjah or elsewhere, you may come across several facts and some myths about this form of equipment. If you lack an engineering background, you might spend a bit of time and money researching which generator is best for your business. In your research stage, you might uncover some worthless pieces of information about generators. Here, as a generator maintenance company in UAE, we will discuss some of the myths that you should neglect about generator upkeep.

All Generator Types Need Little To No Maintenance

As with any other piece of equipment, regular maintenance is important for generators for you to get the best out of this piece of equipment. During an outage at your location, you would need a reliable generator that can enable the continuity of your operation until the mains electricity comes back. Routine generator maintenance can ensure that the equipment unit functions when you require it most. Therefore, as a generator maintenance company in UAE, we would recommend investing in a maintenance program that covers the following.

  • Oil change: It is important to perform a generator oil change at specific intervals and stick to that schedule to confirm peak performance from the machine. Oil is essential to lubricate the internal parts of the engine so that those components run smoothly. Nevertheless, it is likely to degrade gradually during a long period, which can not only affect efficiency but also drive up wear and tear.
  • Exterior cleaning: Keeping the exterior of your generator clean can help reduce the possibility of debris getting into your power system. That said, it is not advisable to spray water straight on the equipment unit. Exposing it to too much moisture can severely damage the internal parts of the machine.
  • Filter cleaning: Keeping the engine free of dirt, dust and other particles requires a clean generator filter. Whenever the oil is changed, it is important to check the filter as well as clean it if required. Following some clean-up jobs, it may appear that it is impossible to clean the filter enough. In that case, you may require a new or replacement filter to confirm that you can benefit from the machine as much as possible. Feel free to approach one of the generator spare parts suppliers in UAE for necessary the replacement part.

A Diesel Generator Creates Too Much Noise

It would not be a misconception if you were talking about the maintenance aspect of very old diesel generators. Sustaining power with those generators required burning diesel at high temperatures and pressures. Therefore, the mechanics in the generator had to be working at intensely quick speeds, which produced much noise.

On the other hand, new generators are not noisy; even silent diesel generator models are available nowadays. The new pieces of machinery work in a quieter way, offer much power and need less maintenance. We know this for a fact, as a generator maintenance company in UAE. Gasoline burns much hotter as compared to diesel, causing much wear on the components of the generator. Therefore, a gasoline generator requires more maintenance.