Know More About Different Types of switchgear

Switchgears consists of circuit breakers, fuses and switches, isolators, relays, current and potential transformers, arresters, control panels and so on. They help in maintaining power distribution. They are used both in commercial electrical system as well as in domestic electrical system. Different kinds of devices which are operated on electricity are protected by switchgears during sudden power changes. They come into use when overloads and other faults occur unexpectedly. Damage to the whole electrical system is prevented by using switchgears. ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC is one of the topmost switch gear manufacturing companies in UAE. We provide standard grade switchgears which can be used for commercial and domestic purposes.

What is Switchgear?

Switchgears are equipment or apparatus used to isolate and protect electrical devices and system. One or more switchgears together are known as switchgear line-up or assembly. Switchgears are incorporated in electrical distribution system to regulate and control the electricity.

Varieties of Switchgear

Switchgears are mainly of three kinds based on voltage. They are low voltage (LV), medium voltage (MV), and high voltage (HV). Based on the type of installation done they are categorised into indoor and outdoor. Being one of the best electrical switch gear companies in UAE, ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC provides various types of switchgears.

Low Voltage Switchgear (LV)

They are switchgears which comprise of low voltage circuit breakers, earth leakage circuit breakers, offload electrical isolators and so on. They are used to protect low voltage circuit system. They have a capacity of 1KV and current of up to 6,000 amps.

Medium Voltage Switchgear (MV)

They are switchgears with capacity ranging from 3 KV to 36 KV. They can be of different kinds like outdoor type without metal enclosed, outdoor type with metal enclosed, metal enclosed indoor type and so on.

High Voltage (HV)

With capacity above 36KV they are used for systems with high voltage. The main component of this is high voltage circuit breaker. Different types of high voltage system include Gas Insulated Indoor Type (GIS) and Air Insulated Outdoor Type. Further outdoor type air insulated circuit breakers are classified as Dead Tank Type Circuit Breaker and Live Tank Type Circuit Breaker.

Attributes of Switchgear


Switchgears regulate and maintain uninterrupted power supply. They isolate faulty sections without interrupting the rest of the power distribution. Therefore they are reliable.


Issues like overload and other power interruptions are controlled by switchgear devices and hence they provide safety to people and other electrical devices.

Option for physical control

Switchgears can be controlled externally and physically in case of any emergency.


Switchgears differentiate between working and non-working parts and ensure even power distribution.

Quick reaction

Instantly the damaged components are separated from good components by switchgears thereby eliminating the cessation of the system.

Working of a Switchgear

Switchgear as previously stated consists of different devices. These devices regulate, control and protect the electric utility transmission system by evenly distributing the power to numerous areas. Not only numerous electrical equipments are protected by switchgears but also people are kept away from harm from the unexpected current flow. The relays in the switchgears isolate damaged parts of the electrical system thus making other parts function properly.

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