What To Consider When Buying A Diesel Generator

Diesel Generators as the name suggests are operated on diesel engines. They are often installed in places where there are frequent issues of electricity and power cut. These generators are alternatives especially in commercial places where power cuts cannot be risked. Industries having cold storage units where sensitive items like frozen food are stored require diesel generators to prevent spoilage. In the market there are different models of generators available. Choosing the right generator as per the need is vital. ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC, one of the leading diesel generator companies in UAE has numerous varieties of diesel for different requirements.

Various factors of the generator have to be taken into account while buying a generator.

  • Phase

A single phase building needs a single phase generator and a three phased place needs a three phased generator.

  • Fuel

Be aware of how much fuel will be used by the generator and its efficiency against the load.

  • Noise

Generators often create high noise which can be nuisance to you as well as to anyone in the area. Therefore it is recommended to use generators that have noise absorption automation.

  • Power

Have an understanding about the power consumption and choose what is suitable for your building.

  • Physical attribute

Generators of large size cannot be kept in a house. They are suitable for commercial building hence choose generators according to the space available. Also it is advisable to select generators with wheels which make it easily portable.

  • Control System

Having proper control system helps you to have an understanding about the working of the generator. Warning displays regarding performance, fuel consumption display etc is highly beneficial. Generators which automatically operate during power issue fluctuations and power cut is more preferred over others which are not.

Known as the number one among the diesel generator companies in UAE, ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC offers guidance and in depth detail about all the above said features. Other than features, there are also a few other things which needs to be considered when you are buying a diesel generator. They are:

  • Type of building/space

Generators are mainly of two sizes; large ones with more power for commercial uses and small ones with less power for domestic uses. In commercial areas like industries, generators which give more power for extended time is used while for areas like house and offices generators with less energy producing capacity are used.

  • Function

Based on function modes there are two types of generators. Water cooled generators which use water for cooling and air cooled generators which utilize air for cooling. Maintenance of air cooled generators is easier compared to the other one.

  • Purpose

Know in detail what will be all equipments will operated using the generator. This will help in choosing the diesel generator with correct power output range. A 3kVa generator cannot be used in big industries similarly a 200 kVa is not required for a house.

If you are in facing dilemma on finding the apt diesel generator suppliers in UAE think no more contact ATS Electrical Generator TR.LLC. We have highly efficient diesel generators to meet all your requirements.